If it's something you're proud of, let it be read! Share a piece of writing of your own creation. It doesn't have to be good, just original.

  • To start, here's one of my many failed tweets:

    We as Millennials are not a broken generation. We are simply scarred from the conflicts of humanities past. We love as deeply as we hate, and we desperately want to live as much as it seems we wish to die. That, my friend, is why we drink as heavily as we cry.

    There's the starter. Not the best but it's something to get things rolling. If your words are bottled up inside you, held back by that nagging voice of doubt, let them out in this space of anonymous friends. There's no pressure for perfection here.

  • keep it up! make a poetry about Millennial vs. Centennial 🙂

  • @RememberMe Yes! Louder! ❤

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