Intuitive interfaces

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    Thanks to @Durwin, I handled with human's interfaces. And now I want to ask the community to help me with one alien's interface. I found a console in my ship. It has different buttons, each of them has it's own color and form. And I can't remember what is the purpose of it. So I will press one of the buttons, but you should decide which of them.

    NOTE: The result of this poll and this "experiment" will be on your conscience. I will check the results in a 12 hours till now.

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    I know there is still an hour, but I have no time to wait. So right now, while I am writing this, Magenta is winning. Three votes by @Durwin, @Bela-Hella and @Censored. One vote for Black eggplant by @Mr-H. And no votes for others.

    I am pressing the Magenta blot button now. I hope that it doesn't starts the process of universe's reformatting. 😂
    I wish to believe, that this button, makes anyone life's a bit better. Maybe some homeless kitten or puppy find a home, or lonely child finally find a family, where he will be surrounded with love. I wish that pressing this button, will stop all wars and senseless cruelty, that overfill the world. I wish that it makes one hella girl happy, so she never miss her bubbly side again. 😉 I wish to ducks to find @Durwin again, so he can feed all of them, lol.

    All of you can also join and press the button, too. I know that many of you have good thoughts and wishes.

    I am pressing know. Let's see what will happen...

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    @spaceboy Go for magenta blot, anything with shade of purple is so so love by

  • @spaceboy me the Black eggplant

  • @spaceboy Glad you got your poll arranged Sir .... 🙂 if I can, always happy to help a fellow traveler of this space we reside

  • @spaceboy said in Intuitive interfaces:

    One vote for Black eggplant by @air.

    I was the one voting for the black eggplant actually 😞

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