1. be bestfriend with Kang Daniel Wannaone, you have crush on him but hide it and daniel keep talking about his crush to you
      be classmate with Yugyeom got7 but he pick on you all the time

    2. broke donghyuk iKON heart or broke Heechan NCT heart

    3. meet BM Kard and making out with him or meet Jay Park and he ask you to be his GF

    4. locked in a room with Minhyuk BTOB or with L infinite

    5. Namjoon BTS have crush on you or Seunghoon Winner have crush on you

    6. P.O Block B doing aegyo to you or T.O.P Bigbang doing aegyo to you

  • Id rather blow off pikachu than anything related to these korean pop people.

  • @sup thats good. hope you enjoy your pikachu