I act socially awkward to avoid conversations but know that I'm sabotaging myself missing out on life! what to do?

  • Since being discharged ive come to the realization that talking with people is a stress and avoid it unless necessary such as work. I know I'm missing out on having fun with people in general but I cant handle being in group's, crowded areas, or loud places without tensing up focusing on my surroundings in a agressive and defensive manor. So I'm taking a small start with being on here. Whats your opinion or ideas to combat this?

  • The BatSheep

    I have had a similar problem in the past. I was registered by the doctor as 'Agoraphobic' (the fear of going outside).
    I would suggest to you, take small steps.... try starting with small groups of people (maybe even one to one).
    Regarding going out to places etc.... You can use an object as a personal focal point.
    By this I mean .... you could for example hold a small object of some description in the palm of your hand while you are out. What this does is it gives your brain something to focus on more than the crowd around. A comfort blanket if you will.
    You can also set yourself small tasks, things like travel on a public bus or have a look around a library.
    There are many ways and things that you can adopt to make your 'social life' better and over time change on a huge scale.
    I hope this helps, and good luck with your situation for now and the future

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