An ordinary day

  • There was an ordinary day. I jumped in the last carriage of the subway's train, that was ready to departure.

    As train's engines started to whisper, the tunnel's darkness started to choke me. The trains ran down deeper and deeper to the planet's core. And the light became more pale, until it disappeared completely.

    At one moment, I saw a strange vision, where an army of ancient horsesmans attacs the tank's squad. But this vision was interrupted with the sound of train's opening doors. Part of me understoods, that it was my stop and I should exit.

    I opened my eyes and saw partly ruined ancient city. It was too hot, cause the sun light heated my armor. Crusaders, horsemen and war elephants, lots of faces unfamiliar and famiar at the same time.. And the strange question - "Can elephants fly?"

  • Global Moderator

    @spaceboy " Can elephants fly? " - Bambi does..
    Hej, space..miss yah muchoooo

  • @bela-hella Maybe, I am sleeping, but I am still alive. Sometimes thoughts are too loud, so even a deep nightdream can not stop it.

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