I need help, because this question is killing my mind and sanity

  • I met this girl, and we started talking, after a few months, we discovered we had a lot in common, except one thing, i have fallen for her, and now we arent talking, when we pass by, it's like she doesnt even know me, her friend said i should talk to her to make things right, to not be imature and stop avoiding her so we can stop talking behind each other backs, but i dont have the corage now to speak to her and im afraid she hates me now, i dont know what to do or say to her...

  • I'd suggest you go to her & make things right with her. Tell her how you feel about her.

    You sit like this thinking what to do or waiting for the right time.....you will regret it for the rest of your life.... some other asshole will come, impress her & take her away from you....
    Keep the ego aside.....its all for someone you like.....

    Always try to keep the people you like smiling.....

    Best of Luck....!!

  • R.i.p
    I’m kinda in a similar situation... just message her saying hi or hey or hello, and ask how she’s been and mention that you guys haven’t talked in a while. Tell her that u don’t want to ruin things between you guys and that your sorry. Even if you don’t need to be sorry or have no reason to be sorry. Just say sorry. 🙏🏼👌🏼😆

  • @hollie thx

  • so if i can ask you to better understand and reply you just stop talking all together like ran out of things to say or just one day both of you went different ways without each other nowing whats up and left it at that?

  • Just one day stoped talking, and never talked again

  • Well is no crime to like somebody, and there is no reason for her to hate you. It may be a bit awkward for her at first when she knows that fact, but just slowly start to chat. Can be small talks, then from there start to talk a bit more. After a while when she gets comfortable again it will all be good. The sad part? Chances of friend zone are there so yea its yr choice

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    U should not expressed ur feelings about her.. All women hate that idk y . coz I'm not women. But u did so just avoid her maybe she will take first place to talk with u .. If she really meant before expressing ur feelings .. Or just she was wasting her n ur time .. Anyway I don't think u replay me on this comment.. Even tho have a nice day

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    😂 kid ..... Something cant be answered...

    They must be done before it's too late!
    Go talk with her like a man!

  • Guys... You have not done anything wrong. (Relax! If they are not running away from you screaming, you are just experiencing paranoia.) What you see here is the naturally stimulated stimulus of the frontal lobes. It is just time to drive that stimulation your way that is all.

    If you learn anything from TWS then let it be how fast human beings get bored even with other human beings.

    Organize a show. Produce a content. This is how the males in our species sing to the female.

  • You need to speak to her! Because if you don’t it will haunt u for life! All she can do is listen or tell you she doesn’t want to talk to you. It’s not the end of the world either way she answer 😉 Real Talk

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