Masturbation Question

  • I've been trying to stop jacking off for awhile now but i dont know if it'll be worth it and here why
    first off i do it quite often i have pornhub premium so cant blame me LMAO
    but say ima stop for a week im scared if i stop im scared my little buddy is gonna be confused and not work cause its so used to being handled

    and the other reason say if i continue to go on my habit its just gonna flat out not wanna work maybe its so constant
    so like either way there can be a negative outcome funny question i know but its a serious one
    im just tryna feel like i was when i was 16 hell when i see boobs in person it dont excite me as much cause i watch porn everyday

  • I used to as well. It was addictive. I couldn’t stop. Then I just had to, I stopped prob and never went back. My life has changed for the better. Please stop and do other things to take your mind off your addiction. God loves you, and I don’t want you to go to hell.

  • Many men struggling with same issue.. Hope someone can shed some light on this issue.

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