I am so incredibly lonely.

  • I moved to a different state a long way back. The people in this city are alieniating and petty. Someone flat out blocked me and pretends I don't exist in public, because I wasn't a fan of some c list celebrity. I literally said "I don't really like their movies."
    You would think I'm talking about junior high right now. No, this person is an adult married with 4 kids.
    Everyone in this town is like this.

    All of my friends are far away. I am just stuck here. I have an awesome family, but I really wish

  • you will get to used to it real soon.. 🙂
    Well, try to look for some fun hobbies. It will help you to not get home sick again.

  • That sounds heaven to me. To finally be isolated. Unbothered by humans even when I'm around with them.

  • hi here to talk if u need to, totally understand loneliness and feeling alienated

  • I mean that's pretty petty but I mean that way some people wont give you problems

  • maybe u smell funny

  • Wow.. I'm literally in the same position as you. I'm from california but moved to vegas for college. My girlfriend left me so I'm completely alone. Do you want chat?

  • If you want to chat. My snapchats caseyleeeeee213 or my instagrams 3.1caseylee. if you want to talk

  • I'm stuck in a hateful shithole myself. I definitely empathize with you. Hmu anytime you like.

  • I know a guy moved to a new town. Looked the wrong way at the Police Chief. Chased him up into the mountains on a dirt bike. All the deputies got messed up in booby traps. Had to call out the national guard, who he also messed up. Whole place ended up getting destroyed. I guess the not-liking-a-C-list-celebrity thing is just the 2019 equivalent of that.

  • f*ck them let them cry about it they need to grow up and stop being a baby, everyone has there own thoughts on things etc

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