The arlequin's song

  • SEEKERS Global Veteran

    Hello my fellow human beings!
    It's time to don the masks.
    And show your sacred naked things,
    Let wine to overflow the flasks.

    Our masquerade just starts to spin,
    In a ruthless, weird, stupid waltz.
    Don't be afraid, don't hide your sins
    No one will blame for faults.

    Hey! Different kind of funny trolls,
    You`re welcome on aboard!
    The artistry of changing roles
    Gives you place in our horde.

    Drawers, craftsmen and decorators
    Take an inspiration breath.
    Paint the smiles on faces of haters,
    Otherwise they doomed to death.

    Brokenhearted banshees, stop to cry!
    As here a triumph of insane joy!
    You'd better drink a glass of wine,
    And start to lough at lover boys!

    My dear poets and soul seekers,
    You've go the greatest purpose.
    As guardians and our mind keepers,
    Save an order behind the curtains.


    The dawn had come, and Arlequin
    Continued to chortle
    His lips was frizzed in evil grin.
    He though he was immortal.

    But single chamber — the only thing,
    Was keeping clown`s mind safe as pillar
    «Hello my fellow human beings!»,
    The ugly smile said from the mirror.

  • Damn boy 😂 Thassa cool poet i ever read from you. 😏

  • @spaceboy nice, this is cool... I like it .is this your work sir? 🙂

  • SEEKERS Global Veteran

    @mr_peanut Yes. Just finished it.

  • SEEKERS Global Veteran

    @g-a Well, thanks 🤡

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