Run like hell, pursuing shadows

  • Early morning, you wake up and go jogging, taking your dog a as company. Shower, cup of coffee, few minutes to rest, web surfing from the phone. Hm-m, interesting article, I'd rather save a bookmark and read it at the evening. Way to work, the noise of car's engine. The several hours of transforming different data structures and totalizing "ones" with "zeros". Brains are melting, launch time finally. And another interesting article in the web and another bookmark. The day goes on. Hours are flying and bookmarks also.

    You are sick of the computer, when you come home. Wife, kids and regular home stuff. Images are changing one another, like in a night dream. At last you put your head on a pillow. Oh I get some saved bookmarks to read.. Aghh, I look at them on the weekend.

    Months passes.. You remember that you have the vast of information to read. You're creating a task in a digital assistant app to reread and resort your favorites.

    Suddenly you noticed, that this task was created a year ago.. Does it matter after all? At the end you realize that the easiest way is to delete all of them.

    The marathon begins again.

  • @g-a I understand you feelings. But I am actually making notes about what I see, what is around me. I don't know (for now) how this article can be viewed as a full story. Maybe I will write it, or maybe I will create something else. 🙂

  • Global Moderator

    @spaceboy Nice.... like it 🙂 An iteresting retrospective of what happens to many of us as time goes by ...

  • @mr_peanut Yep. Looks like a curse, and I continue to run, collecting links. Really don't know what to do with that..

  • @spaceboy boy 😏 try to make a story from it pls 😄

  • @g-a I can not promise, but I will make an attempt someday. It won't be so easy.

  • @spaceboy boy, i will for no matter what 😏
    Because, i really miss this @Stranger_Danger damnly, his poems, his story.
    Also @Willow like all of her topic, her writings, her story 😭😭
    Thank you boy for your writing. It cheers me a lot in this cloudy day.

  • @spaceboy aww thanks dude. You are ma best dude eva 😏

  • @g-a Try to search the other topics, that I created before. Maybe you will find some other stories, that you didn't read yet.

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