• Its subjective to one's belief, I may be good for someone but bad for another, things I do might be good for some but bad for another. My mere existence is gonna effect others, for some the effect will be good and for others it will be bad. Even if I try my best I still can't be either good or to everyone on this planet as everyone is linked directly or indirectly and effecting one person might affect others too. So I would say I am Good as well as Bad.

  • What's that He-Man figure where his face is encased in a helmet, but you can rotate it so he's either a good-guy, or a monster, or a bad un robot? I'll be him. But some kid has poured glue into the mechanism so it's permanently stuck on the monster. In theory, you could probably fix it with a penknife and some WD40. I'll be him.

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