She is always angry about something

  • Wife is a b and is constantly on my 7yo case. What should I do? It starting to seem as if she will never be happy about anything.

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    Hmmmm, not so easy .
    What do you do? Or don’t do for her to be ‘on your case’?
    Im not saying (without further information)that it is your fault, but it can often be the case that we don’t realise how we contribute to someone appearing to complain, moan or ask for to much.
    I have been in a relationship almost as long, and as time drew on I started to do more and more in the partnership. In the end I felt it was more of a guided dictatorship rather than a relationship. Spite and anger grew and ultimately the relationship failed.
    The info your have given is bare minimum so it is hard to help with advice over giving accounts of personal experience.
    I hope things work out one way or the other for you

  • Okay well here's an example. I work midnight shift and typically during the day I don't really get a whole lot of sleep. Maybe a couple hours here a couple hours there.
    The other day I got about 2 hours of sleep, went to work all night. In the morning when we got out we had an event to go to. That morning I drove for about an hour or so. We sat in the hot sun for about 5 to 6 hours. Then we packed up drove home. At this point I had been up for over 24 hrs. Of course I crashed and decided I wasn't going to go to work that night. So she wakes me up about an hour before I was supposed to go in. I let her know that I'm not going to go in tonight. So instead of the saying okay, she says "you slept all day and you're not even going to go to work" storms off.
    The next morning she barely says two words to me. She had an errand to run so she ended up leaving for a few hours. Me and kid are hanging out playing Lego's. When she got home immediately the mood changed. She was cranky the kid was cranky and then turn that made me cranky.
    I've actually had a conversation with her about how she talked to the kid. Of course that basically equainted to me calling her a bad mother. I literally she's always yelling about something.
    I just don't understand, if you're pissed at me because let me don't take it out on the child.

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