The sorrow of knowledge

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    A lot of knowledge brings so many sorrow in your life. Especially when you are lurking in such things like human`s mind, being, soul.. It is better to keep some secrets of the universe closed once and for all. As soon as you find out what are they, you will lost your sleep. Every shadow in your room is fraught with danger. Every dark corner is whispering. I hear the words, but I can non understand the sentences.. There is no peace in a sea waves today. Storm is coming. Beware the shadows. Beware the knowledge, that bears sorrow and fear..

    The wind breaks the branch of tree.

    Someone knocking to the window.



  • @spaceboy
    Nice passage there sir ... I like it 🙂

  • SEEKERS Global Veteran

    @mr_peanut Be silent. We are not alone. They are listening.. It's better to understands first what they are whispering, before to do any action. Don't open.

  • Global Moderator

    @spaceboy Deep and i like it...sssshhhh they hear us, they will hunt in that quiet place..Still be peace and not disturb..

  • SEEKERS Global Veteran

    @bela Beware the moonlight, which is shining in silence of the sear shore. Night always have a sounds of nature.. But nature is silent now. Only whispers in head..

  • Global Moderator

    @spaceboy Yeah i will,thanks for that Beware.. 🙂

  • A great profound thought 🙂

  • @spaceboy are you on drugs right now? Or you forgot to take your medication?

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    I was afraid that this night would never end. It was nearly 5 A.M, when the head's buzzing began to wane. I had only two hours, before I had to go to work. And there was a little chance to sleep. Instead I decided to have walk, in the hope that the early morning air, will fix my head. I drank a can of red bull and went out. Empty streets looks calmly and tensely at the same time, as if I caught the moment of the transformation between two opposite states. Cries of crows and seagulls were felt like music. I was walking without any target or direction, allowing my steps to draw the road. That brought me to the sea shore. Grey skies and steel waves merges in the horizon, creation the canvas of the void. Next, one spot attracted my attention. It was a little wooden raft. Too little to swim on it. Maybe some kids played with it and forgot. But there was something on it. After I came closer I saw that it was something wrapped in a craft paper and tied with a twine. Unfortunately I didn't have a knife to cut off the twine and look what is inside it. I don't know why I took that thing at my home, as it not in my rules to bring junk from a street.. I didn't have time, I had to go to work, and I absolutely know that there will be no chance again to know what is it.
    I brought the bundle home, leave it in a hallway and went to work. Strange by I noticed that my cats started to behave nervous when they saw that thing..

    There are a few hours now before the end of the working day. Part of me is part of me is curious about to go home and open that bundle. And the other part tells that I will regret about it..

    The evening comes and the whisper comes with it..

  • @spaceboy nice work sir, nice work ... shuuuush now, so to hear the whisper

  • SEEKERS Global Veteran

    Look likes that my mind playing games with me. That sh*t is gone.. I've checked the door locks and windows. It's okay - no signs of an attempt to open it or broke. But that f*cking thing disappeared.. Is it was a night dream of my melting brains? Or it was real? I don't know the answer.

    I think I should take a pill or drink something strong to switch my mind off and stop that madness. Or I shouldn't? If it was real, where is a guarantee that there are no guests here..

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