Do you like rough sex?

  • Do you like rough sex and why?

  • Yes I do, and in my years as a swinger I’ve had my fair share of rough partners. But then mood is important, in the right mood I’ve done quite a few things that can be considered quite rough.

    Hair pulling: I love when a man knows when and how to grab my hair. My bf does it best. If we are sitting in a couch, he may suddenly grab it and pull me down to my knees for a face fuck. He loves my mouth, and when he is grabbing the hair, he knows how to control the pace. Its quite sensual for after he nuts in my mouth, I really feel used.

    Spanking: Another favorite of my bf. It normally happens when he randomly accuses me for a petty mistake and bends me over. He knows how to slap it. More than the hurt, I feel its the sound of his hands connecting with my ass that makes me wet. It makes for great pictures, I am fair, so the red whacks are really something of a design on my poor ass.

    Anal: There are many ways to do anal, one way is when my bf takes it slowly in a loving manner. He uses enough lube and I can barely feel any pain. But when he is feeling sadistic, he may choose to apply less lube. Sliding from behind he typically grabs my hair (that I dutifully tie in a ponytail for his convenience), then thrusts. He pulls my hair to make sure that I thrust back to meet him. Each time it feels as if he reached a depth that was previously unexplored.

    Belting/light whipping: My bf has a deep sadistic side, and very few times, he has moved on from spanking to belting. I can’t say I love it, but I don’t hate it either. I guess I am a masochist at heart. The swoosh in the air before it connects on my ass makes me feel so vulnerable. It is after such sessions that I feel I am completely devoted to him, and I really feel as though we are a single entity.
    Suckling: He suckles my nipples like he is a baby. But when he is feeling naughty he might decide to bite a bit. At the same time he typically runs his fingers inside my pussy and calls operation Urgent Fury on my clit. I leak like a faucet.

    Apart from that love bites and nipple pinching is a daily thing and deserves no special mention. So in conclusion, yes, I love rough sex, but having said that, he is also a caring lover and I love gentle sex as well.

  • Yes and I would love it with you

  • @danaliz_queen yes what about you

  • @avacraiguk nice story dear, big thanks

  • Hell yea ass smacking and hair pulling usually how I make the girls squirt 😂

  • Music Lovers

    yes..more pleasure.

  • @danaliz_queen
    it's in my cock is so hard right now I would bend you over and pull your hair and fuck the shit out of you with my eight and a half inch cock

  • I love it because of how in control he is and how I’m completely submissive to his every whim

  • @Danaliz-Cabello fuçk yes

  • @Danaliz-Cabello said in Do you like rough sex?:

    Do you like rough sex and why?

    You are 17 so u must teach me

  • No I love giving erotic massages. They are more intensely exciting

  • Soul Searchers

    Wow! Where did they dig up this thread from

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