Debate on abortion laws

  • So I'd like to clarify that I'm not going to give my opinion on this.. At least not for a while.
    This entire platform is full of... People who seem to like talking about not-serious topics to put it lightly... So I decided, I'm going to create a serious topic for once in this entire website.
    I'd like to see what people think of abortion, are you pro-choice, or pro-life?
    Though half you aren't even gonna take this seriously lol

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    @dampmemes Good, but tetchy, choice of subject matter ....
    This is obviously not the easiest of topics to approach, so with the fear of what others think to one side, I will do what I always do and speak from the heart, with an honest account of a situation I have been in.

    In a relationship a long while ago, my partner started to feel really off one day. We weren't overly active in the bedroom, didn't go out much (lack of cash) and we were not drug taking party animals.
    So after a few days of my ex progressively getting worse we ended up at the hospital, it was the weekend and the doc's was closed.
    After a few tests the Doc came back in and announced that he had some very bad news for us.... This being that we had lost the child.
    We didn't even know she was expecting, let a lone find out that she was over 20 wks. Due to the age of the unborn the doctors said that we she had to have a drug-induced natural birth.
    Imagine that ... for a woman not only to have to give birth, but know in advance that the child was not breathing ... traumatic was , IS an understatement.
    Technically the hospital via drug administration gave my ex an abortion due to no other option.
    When it comes to this area, you have to way up all the eventualities.. all the possibilities.
    I must admit that i don't agree per-say, but having been through a time like that I have a lot of time of any mother that for whatever reason is going through the decision as to keep the child or not. It's by no stretch of the imagination an easy decision to make , and is rarely taken lightly ....
    My thing is having time for the mother, the father and taking a step back to understand why they may choose to do this .

  • @dampmemes this is one of those issues where choosing a black or white answer isnt gonna solve anything as a lot is left in the grey for deleberation. while it is easy for all of us to go all gaga and romantic about the value of life and the assorted blahs, what we all conveniently forgetting is about the misfits, the disabled, the mentally challenged, the discarded, the ones that cant make a normal life. the ones that are only destined to thrive on pity, sympathy, harrasments and the abuse of the politics and corruption infested legal and government systems, physical, mental, sexual. so yes, if you dont want, why create? and also yes, if you had created a troubled one, why not abort, rather than bringing it and condemning it into an eternity of hell!

  • @liliputian1 I agree. If someone doesn't want the baby then there are other options, like adoption. However I do not think that the matter of abortion is simply black and white. There are cases where I think that abortion could be considered. For example, if somone was raped by a family member. It's easy to understand why someone would choose not to have a baby conceived by rape. There is also the issue that if this baby were to live it would likely have a lot of disabilities and a poor quality of life. But even in these cases there should still be limitations. An abortion should not be allowed after the foetus has any brain activity. Scientifically speaking they then are human and have the right to life.

  • @dampmemes im pro-choice

  • The problem is that embryo is not human. Yes, it has full chromosome set unlike an ordinary semen. But it can't make a choice. It's just a piece of biological material. When they are able to make a rally for their rights themselves, it would be the reason to ban abortation. If it doesn't happen, so I don't get what abortation ban would give us except a harm

  • @laimona-rex 2 year olds aren't able to make a rally for their rights themselves. So does that mean that they don't have a right to life? Babies have brain activity while they are still in the womb. They can suck their thumbs and kick. This all requires thinking. A newborn baby is not much more developed than a baby in the womb after a certain point.

  • @nerdgirl P.S. the only person who really feels pain and suffering is the pregnant woman that has to carry something she hates and to spoil her own life

  • @mr_peanut Russia, and as you noticed, english is not my native language. Yeah, it's banned everywhere. It's not correct to call that abortation. It means a murder of already born children

  • @laimona-rex but it wouldn't spoil her life. 9 months out of her life is all it would take to give someone else a child and make them happy for the rest of thier life. I get it if someone was raped but still they should not wait to get an abortion very long. If they truly do hate what they are carrying then it shouldn't take them long to decide. But for others who were just irresponsible and didn't practice safe sex, that's on them. Actions have consequences and their mistakes should not cost someone else the possibility of life. I also disagree that the only person affected is the woman. What about the father? The Grandparents? Siblings? This is a decision that affects many people.

  • While somebody is trying to end a life (via abortion), there are dying (sick) people who are asking for an extra life. This is just a sad reality. We should value "life".


  • @liliputian1 when was last time you ate a meat or eggs?

  • @laimona-rex im vegetarian.

  • @liliputian1 you protect the life, not only intelligent life, aren't you? 'cause embryo is much farther from human then animals people eat everyday. The only human's he has is the genome

  • Im against abortion. Its just an act of irresponsibility and cowardice.
    Why would you kill someone you created in the first place.
    If you dont want to have a baby, then, have a safer sex (use condom, pills,etc.) or try ligation. If you cant do this, then stop having sex.

    I am pro-life.

  • @nerdgirl It is true that there are cases when abortion may be necessary. These things should also be considered.

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    @nerdgirl you were right on what you said about the brain activity before.
    Like mentioned this is such a grey/taboo subject .... but there are many reasons why someone might decide to abort an unborn child.
    In England there are laws that deem when there is no longer a choice and the child will be born...
    I don’t agree with lots of reasons why someone would find it acceptable to do this, but I do understand that there are many factors in why someone may choose to do this... the best example being the one you used already.
    This subject also boarders on the edge of the ‘designer child’ area that personally I believe is as bad as abortion

  • @nerdgirl yes, I support post-natal abortation. They can't think. They move, they feel something (not everything. Abortation in my country is legal until 3 moths and in this period future child only starts to "feel" touches on the face, does not hear, doesn't reliaze his moves and so on). Their sencations are just formal. They formally feel "touch", but they don't realize that. It's much further from the real adult human then a lot of animals people kill everyday. It's nearly a plant with a human's genome. And you steel haven't asked me, as I remember, whether abortation gives smth except the harm?

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    @laimona-rex wow ... I got to ask ... where ya from?
    I never heard or post-natal abortion before 😕

  • @nerdgirl oh, no. She would. She would have a plenty of problems, from the spoiled figure to the lost job. Children of parents hating them aren't happy. If parents don't want to have children it's bad idea to make them do it. Believe me, I saw these children and I wish you will never see the same. Abortion ban is equal of making people have sex to get more children without parents agreement. More than than, don't forget about overpopulation. There are 40% people having no clean water in the world. If we can't feed our current population, it's the reason not to force people to give birth.

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