It's happening outside (or inside)

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    What is common in all of us except that we are all nonhumans and the fact that we are coming here each day to discuss some stuff or chat with each other. I looked through the topics, skipping dating posts and other banality. On the first glance the main thing - that we want to share with something. Our thoughts, love, achievements, scares, sorrow, happiness. Looks like we are always searching for those who are the same as we. Or who have lots of common. Even our local funny dramas also another way of contact - sharing with something that happening here. But the fact of having to share, doesn't tell what kind of creatures are we.

    Strange but the text above, looks different from that, which I was going to write. I could write this in my notebook, then burn it and forget. But I am writing it here instead. Sharing thoughts with outside? But thoughts happening inside, and I won't remember it tomorrow. And where is the difference?

    What do you think?

  • The BatSheep

    @spaceboy regarding post's , i'm similar that I ( on the most part ) bounce past the dating stuff... ya know M20 seeks blah blah blah . I figure that if you want that type of stuff there are plenty of purpose designed sites to stumble across.

    Being someone that does have a little bit of a life, I like to use here to share some of the things I come across in my regular days ie: duck feeding, scenery or pictures I have taken or produced. I don't really do it for the same reason some of the youngsters might do it ... I just like to share, to show and if possible inform people of my teeny tiny contributions to this thing we call life...
    I try not to share to much of my feelings (not saying I don't) because they are my feelings and on the most part mine to keep.
    I have been the big one of these social sites in the past, but find that sooo many people just want more and more random people as their 'so called friends' that they don't even realise the possible dangers they put themselves in... let alone telling the world...I'm off to the shop's , oh look I bought a cheese burger..... etc etc ... you know what I mean.
    I gave up on it because there seemed to be so many fakers and pretenders out there I nearly had to have myself committed.
    On the other hand, I expect that, yes here there are many people that are here for those very reasons.... but at least, as the title of the site say's you TalkWithStranger. Say's all you need to know, don't you agree?
    To me this informs you of what ya getting and hints to the fact that it may or may not be a place to invest in.
    So far most of the posts I have had the pleasure of banter on have been good. Helping to brighten my otherwise meaningless life.... this isn't to say I hang on every word I read.... it just makes me smile a little knowing that I'm not the only one.... If I was this place would be very lonely for starters, and in a worst case wouldn't even exist.
    Personally I thank TWS for the ppeps that I have started to meet, no matter how transparent or genuine they seem to be 🙂

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    @mr_peanut Thank you for such deep and touching reply. Can not get rid of the thought, that you said the same thing as I, but in other words.



    There's also ppl that just feels lonely so they come here cuz it's easier to connect with "strangers" hoping they can become friends eventually.
    I don't know what my purpose to come here is, I never really put much though into that but I guess that I hope to find ppl that I can connect with, since different cultures will prove to bring different experiences?

  • Global Veteran Hella Assassins

    @mr-h Different persons from different corners of the world. Another click, another dialog, another world.

  • The BatSheep

    @spaceboy @Mr-H Thats one of the beauties of it ... so much to learn, so many people to meet, so many culture's to understand.... all come together for personal growth and the expansion of the mind ! 🙂

  • The BatSheep

    @spaceboy When it comes to it, the facts are the fact.... 🙂

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