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  • EVERYONE IS brOKen! An article about loneliness and depression on the internet.

    The internet is full of broken, lonely, depressed people. Everyone comes to places like these hoping to fix their life or fill in the gaps, but how often does that happen? In the whole six years I've been on sites like these and other social sites, I've never found lasting friends or happiness. And I've never met anyone who has. Before anyone calls me out because they're an exception, I'll admit some have gotten lucky, and some are perfectly fine to start with. But be realistic; that doesn't happen often.

    The internet isn't garaunteed to cure anything. Most everyone will go to sleep at the end of the day feeling no better than when they first turned on the screen. Some will feel even worse. So why do people return day after day? Because we are desperate. We keep clinging on to this hope that somehow this will comfort us or fix our problems, even though deep down we know it won't. We feel trapped because there's nowhere else to turn and we continue on this vicious cycle. Six years of coming to this same conclusion, yet here I am still - groping in the dark hoping to find something that I probably never will.

    Maybe it's time to acknowledge that, to accept this conclusion as a fact. But don't stop at that. Accepting it is just the beginning of fixing it.

    Imagine this: there is a room full of people with a table of snacks in the middle. Everyone is hungry, but they are all too afraid to eat... because they think everyone else will judge them for eating. One or two people have to be brave enough to take that first bite before everyone else realizes it's ok. Another scenario: everyone wears a shirt because it's fashionable, even though it's super uncomfortable. Secretly they hate it and wouldn't wear it on their own time. But everyone's so afraid of being judged if they're not fashionable that they wear it anyway.

    In real life and on the internet it's the same way. Sometimes people are too afraid of being judged too realize that they all desire the same thing. There are always exceptions, always people who will judge and say mean things. But those people don't matter. In the end we'd all be happier if we just spoke up and took action, even if only a minority cared about something.

    It's up to us where we go from there.

    No one is perfect. And as such, there is no cure-all solution. There will always be problems in the world, but it's our duty as intelligent creatures to do our best anyway. "If at first you don't succeed, try try again!" I'm not gonna pretend I have a solution, let alone even the best ideas for one. After all, I'm in the same boat as everyone. But I'll present my ideas, you can present yours, and we'll make the most of it.

  • @justchatamy

    Inspirational. I loved it. I identify myself in many of the points you mentioned, especially the "Treat each other how you'd want to be treated." That's my golden rule and exacly how I usually go on about!

  • @justchatamy I can feel you. This really helped me a lot.. You have golden nuggets that everyone needs to read or put attention to. hehe

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  • @just-nate Yes, I completely agree! Couldn't have said it better myself 🙂

  • @justchatamy Maybe you should start writing a series called 'just amy'. i could read this all day.

  • @mr-h (cries in Portuguese) thanks yo!

  • @just-nate I like your point.. RESPECT is the key.

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  • @john-snow-0 haha maybe I should xD

  • @justchatamy although i don't identify myself with these problems but it is true that there are a lot of people who are always trying to attain something in their life. These people are always running for something in their life which is meaningless. Thus, they have these depressions because they will never be satisfied with what they have because running and trying to achieve something has become their very nature. I think the only solution for this is to let go of these ego of trying to achieve something whether it is trying to make your life happier or anything. I think a clear vision is needed about our life, it is very beautiful. I don't mean to say that trying is not needed , i just think that an ego less trying can make a person's life beautiful.

    Also, look at these amazing websites we have, it has never been so easy to connect with so much people just with a single site. We can enjoy to fullest with our life through these amazing sites, isn't it?

    You have a very good solution amy about being honest, listening, opening up. I absolutely love those solutions.
    Thank you!

    P.S. TWS is one of the best site you can find in the web currently, the UI design is very consistent and friendly, also with all these features. 👌 👌 👌

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