Which emotion is stronger and influential?

  • @99mBD Fear is more stronger and influential emotion in lives of humans and also of animals.
    It is because of the feeling of fear we are living.The word 'Fear' though it sounds negative it sometimes help us to play it safe and avert harmful risks in life.It is because we have the feeling of fear.If we were not afraid of anything,we would have taken reckless risks and get ourselves into trouble.In fact the feeling of fear helps to keep us alive as we are afraid of death or afterlife.So it is necessary.But having too much fear or being too coward also lowers our self confidence and we can't accomplish further.So it is better to be brave along with some sense of fear.Also you can see the sense of fear in an insect as it runs for life when it senses danger,but you can't see anger in them.Anger is totally useless as it just wastes our energy and enthusiasm and restricts ourselves to think properly.So it is better to stay patient and think with a calm mind during the period of distress instead of getting angry.

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