Where is the edge between art, erotism and our primal libertine instinct?

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  • You cannot draw a fine line in eroticism and art because for someone with a set of eyes capable of seeing beyond societal conventions, beyond their defining biases, such a beholder might see an image of an act of pleasure. Erotic to be sure, but also... vulnerable.
    He would see them connected to the moment, to each other. To love.
    And therefore I say Art is love made public.

    And for those pictures/ sculptures which are plainly rude or distasteful are perversion of something beautiful and do not qualify to be art itself.

    Art is the innermost feelings, the desires, the passion the love one feels about something or someone.
    Art is the language of seeing and being seen.
    Art exists to beautify something to immortalize it not to perverse it.

    As for the primal libertine instinct:
    A libertine is someone who is devoid of most moral or sexual restraints, Libertinism is an extreme form of hedonism.
    And even if we consider morality at its base to be set of rules of the society made to ensure survival for longer duration, the primal libertine instinct would be related to acts of an individual for his own pleasure it would neither qualify as art nor as eroticism.

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    @obviouslylucifer Nice answer, thank you. Maybe too moral a bit for that, who names himself as Lucifer 😈 😉

    In my opinion the edge is very thin with everything of that.
    For an example, let's take some kind of insane painter, who doesn't take care of what others think. He draws only for himself, for self pleasuring. He is maybe totally insane, but after decades the society will acknowledge him as genius.

    Another example. You've meet someone, and both of you become passionate about each other. Both of you inspierd by that feeling, so the edge between moral and inmoral dissolves.

  • The concept of morality works a bit like freedom, doesn't it?
    Our freedom ends when the freedom of the "next" person starts. Same with erotism, morality and even primal libertine instincts. If 2 ppl share the same ideals, ideas and "feelings" (of insanity even), their common sense will be totally different from the average person and they can create or partake in things we might find it's crossing the line.
    I know both the Joker and Harley are fictional characters, but take a look how their relationship is fucked up.

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    alt text

    alt text

    Libertine intstincts
    alt text

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    @mr-h This lovely couple goes more far. Moral side is nothing to them. But their relationships, I think they are ideal in someway. And of course exists on the egdges of milestones that I mentioned in the topic.

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    Totally agree with you. You need to have a connection and link like no other, to be able to get to their level. Can't deny I would like a relationship like theirs but I wouldn't be able to suit in it, since i'm not as open minded as they are. The openess of their mind is in a whole new level!

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    @mr-h Like madness is a form of freedom. Maybe that's the clue why people like some insane artists. Because it is allowed to touch that form of "freedom", which is balanced on the on the verge of permissible. As one said: "Oh, it's the animal in me, but I'd rather be a beggarman on the shelf. Don't be so forlorn, it's just the payoff. It's the rain before the storm."

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    What about those that challenge reality and our perception of time and space? Think about the melted clocks from the known artist Salvador Dalí

    Persistence of memory

    Isn't that somehow a form of madness as his reality is completely different from ours? Btw that right there, is one of my favortite artists of all time!

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    I don't have a good defenition for what madness is, but I guess it's one of those things that are subjective to the person, as in madness to me could be a walk in the park for you. 😆

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    @mr-h Dalí is beatiful. And also an extroordinary person. Love him too.

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    @mr-h So what is madness then? Some kind of deviation which differs ones from others? But who says that we are normal? Maybe a Joker and Harley are the saints and all others are sinners? Scholasticism questions 😁 .

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    But it won't be a madness to drink another pint of beer together 🍺

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    Someone took over my identity!!! 🤔

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