Prose of madness. (To pathetic, so "The Junk" is better)

  • SEEKERS Global Veteran

    Good movie, like a good alcohol. Like an aged wine. With light acid aftertaste mood. Just revealed for myself a few film's directors, and there is a feeling that same neurons are acting, when the wine's bottle is opened.

    I decided to reg in TWS, because it is reminding me the old web. When it was unpersonal. Like a big role play game. And I did the same as always did. Create some kind of alter ego.

    Comparing movies, with alcohol, remind me some memes. I thought, that some of them can be national memes. I even don't know if they are exist. Memes that are known for specific region, only.

    Then if I will share that memes, they could uncloud partially my real personality. Relating to my previos post, about splitted mind... Our personality contains of some anchors, like movies, favorite drinks, memes, your face, your race, the way that you talk, I kiss you, you're beatiful, I want you to walk.... Opps.. Thats from other story..

    Many words about nothing.
    Pathetic too,
    That makes me laughing.
    So we are doomed?
    Just eat a muffin,
    Shut up the mind loom.
    You are bluffing?..

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