A bit splitted personality

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    I've noticed, that when I talk in the web - it's a different me. Acts differently, talks differently. Like another version of mine personality. And what is real me? I guess that many of you have the same thoughts. Just curious what do you think about it.

  • When you write something on the web you have all the time in the world to structure it, while when you're talking to somebody in real life you've got to answer quickly. That is a huge difference! It doesn't justify it all though, even when you're talking with a real person you act in a certain way based on who you're talking to: you don't talk to your parents like you talk to your teacher, to your friend, to your partner etc. We wear different masks when we talk to people, it cannot be helped. In my opinion there's not a "real me", and if there is one, it's incognizable even by ourselves!

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    I believe that happens also cuz of the vocabulary you can have in your mother tongue, being bigger then a secundary language. As much as you can be good at your secondary language, isn't as fluent as your mother tongue, or so I think.
    There's also some cases that a certain language, has different ways of saying certain things, as in certain expressions not being a single word in english, so the phrase construction might come a bit off, if you compare it to your original idea in your mother language.

  • @spaceboy Yes, that happens to me too. In my case I associate it with the Italian language being structurally more complex and having more words in its vocabulary than English, so when I have to talk to somebody who doesn't speak Italian I have to elaborate my thoughts in order to be suitable for both languages (of course I am not saying you can't express the same things, I am saying that I don't speak English as well as I speak Italian so I have to adapt).

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    @spaceboy Although I'm an introvert in real life but I behave like an extrovert in virtual life. Therefore, I got split personality too.

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    @auryylmao Thank you much for these references. I will definitely look at it.

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    @auryylmao @Mr-H
    Yes, there is a great point in both of your words.

    But let look to a bit different example, which doesn't relate to web and escaping the reality.

    Don't you think that, when you start to speak on yours non native language for a long time, you've got the same effect?
    As for me, I even start to notice the little difference in my behavior in such situtation.

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    @auryylmao @Mr-H @Evan-Elderson @DamnCuteGuy

    So what we have as a result. Different language constructions, different situations launch different behave models. (Just remembered, how very critical situation forced me to act more instinctively and I didn't think at all, just did what I should...). Every single person can have many behave models. And any of these behave models can differ from each other like black and white. Should I think, that personality and behave model is the same. Probably not. May be memories which is done by behave model, can be our personalities.

    Share you thoughts, please. I like it.

  • @spaceboy You may really like Pirandello's philosophy. He talks about masks we use to interact with different people. If you haven't already, I suggest you to read something about it 🙂

    Here's something:

    "The great bulk of Pirandello's later production, however, is concerned with the concept of the mask in its different aspects: for Pirandello, the fiction, the mask alone, either self-imposed or, as in most cases, forced on by society, makes life possible. If this mask is ever torn off, willingly or by force, man is no longer able to live, to function in a society based upon the law of common fictions: either he returns to wearing his mask, to "living" the life of the dead, or he becomes "crazy, " "insane" as far as society is concerned. By refusing to wear the mask, Pirandello's characters in the eyes of this world choose death. Thus they may die the symbolical death of insanity, or they may choose to take their own lives in earnest and throw away with their lives the mask and imposed form, as does Ersilia Drei of Vestire gli ignudi (1923; Naked). They even may, willingly, choose a mask as a token of their freedom, as does the protagonist of Enrico IV (1922; Henry IV), one of Pirandello's strongest plays. He chooses to wear the mask of insanity in full consciousness, a decision he has sealed with a murder; and, ironically, society—the world of the masks—cannot hold him responsible because he has taken refuge behind a mask and beaten society at its own game."

    Also, read "The late Mattia Pascal" by him. It's from 1904. It's a great book and it has a lot to do with his philosophy. I think you can also find it online!

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    Who knows. .. Maybe each of us is one part of the universe global splitted mind.. Every human, every creature, even the glass with coffee

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    I still don't think it's part of a split personality, it's just how your personality, SPLITS in the different means of contact. You don't have several personalities, depending on the method you are using to contact ppl, your own personality is just fragmented and "works" accordingly the way certain moments ask.

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    What @auryylmao said is very true, tho some ppl that come online often uses it to "run away from their reality" so they end up creating an online personality, so they can become what they are not IRL.

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