• My previous post was "moved", probably to the void, cos I have no idea where it is. I sure hope Delerium likes my bio.
    If anyone could inform me of where it went, I'd appreciate it.

    Hi, I'm male. I play female really good.
    My kinks include:
    giantess/shrinking/muscle growth/muscle stealing,
    monster girls,
    age swap,
    dominant women,

    If an admin chooses to "move" this again, I'd appreciate if you considered, you know, telling me first.
    I'm only doing it here because I cannot paste my bio into random chat. I believe someone flagged me as spam.
    In case it wasn't obvious, I'm saltier than the Red Sea right now.

  • I’ve never really done this. I have ideas

  • Taboo sex role play would be awesome

  • Any daughters or sisters out there. Daddy needs ysy

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