The world is backwards. (this is longer than i thought it would be)

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    If you wear make up, you're insecure.
    If you don't wear make up, you don't take care of yourself and are unhygienic
    If you wear hair extensions, you're fake.
    If you don't wear hair extensions, your hair it's too short, too dead and too thin.
    If you wear revealing clothing, you're a slut and seeking attention.
    If you don't wear revealing clothes, you're a prude and a loser.
    If you're skinny, you're anorexic and need to eat a cheese burger.
    If you're thicker, you're fat and need to lose weight.

    Our generation is so judgmental and nit-picky about everything anybody does. We start comparing ourselves to others and we start thinking we aren't good enough and become insecure.. it really takes a toll on your mental health and you start doing destructive things to become that certain way, all because we want people to like us.

    13 year olds are talking about how they want to be 'thicc' and wanting to become this sex appeal to get a bunch of likes on instagram and views on their snapchat. They're focusing on things that they shouldn't be worrying about until at least they're 20's, they aren't enjoying their childhood.

    If you don't have a lot of followers or get a lot of likes on your posts, you starting getting envious towards people who do and start hating them and talking shit about them for all the wrong reasons, you hate them because people think they're pretty and they're popular and because you're not getting that same attention, you become insecure and take it out on others.
    If there is something you generally do not like about yourself and it makes you feel insecure every single day and you have the ability to change it, go for it! But don't do it so other people will like you, do it so can love yourself more.

    We think taring somebody else down because of jealously instead of getting to know them is going to make us feel better, but in's going to drag you down further into whatever it is you're going through. It will not make you feel better. If we were all more positive towards each other and let people live their lives and focus on ourselves, we'd all feel a little happier and less empty.

    Everybody is going through something, no one is what they portray online.
    No one is happy 24/7, everybody deals with insecurities, everybody deals with tough shit.
    Everyone shows differently or they don't show it at all.
    We are too busy caught up with our own issues, we forget that other people have them too.

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    This is so true, this is our generation, i dunno where we goin,

  • Off topic:Too bad I have to wait like 3 days for a good topic like this.
    On topic: You work and live for yourself, not for others. Do you feel like going in a provocative costume? Nobody will stop you(Maybe the officer, but you get the point). Yes, the world has a lot of stupid ideas about standards, but it doesn't mean you have to follow them, you only need to be happy with who you are and how you feel like.
    About the youngsters? You can't blame them at all, they are too young to make a choice by themselves. I would honestly blame the parents for the way they are, you should choose what's the best for your child, not what makes him happy.

  • pfft i feel yah
    if you own a gun and sell canabis ure a criminal so fuckin backwards bro

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    Very very true.
    This is exactly the kind of topics we need here.
    Well done!

  • Cannot agree more. Girls and boys smaller than me want to lose their virginities and think they have found true love. I've not seen ONE girl who doesn't wear make up( except me, I hate that shit). If this is going to be our future generation, may lord help us, really....

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    I grew up in the 80s and 90s and we learned as kids to be ourselves and take no shit; scrap anyone who gets in our way. Funnily enough, I am still that way today.

    I will never understand today's generation, bunch of cry babies of you ask me (coming from someone who has children from this generation).

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    @bunnyy wishes there was a way to upvote an epic post more than once

  • @bunnyy said

    The world is backwards.

    Me 🤔 🤔 🤔

    alt text

    No we aren't going backwards.
    You see, the Earth orbits around the Sun, so we are actually going in circles. 😂 😂

    Good post tho. ☺

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    @ƀǜᶰᶰұ I'll add that this isn't just a problem for the next generation, it's a problem for every generation, we just have the internet now, so we can see everyone's bull shit out in the open.

  • @bunnyy No, the world is a hexagonal icosahedron

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    @us-poet Most defiantly. The internet is a blessing and a curse.

  • @ƀǜᶰᶰұ Not really a curse. It's like a superpower we have. Now, we can either be The Avengers or that weird arse Joker. It's in our hands.

  • @ƀǜᶰᶰұ and I just realized my mistake

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