Should you invest into ripple XRP

  • Should you invest in ripple , A bridge currency , to connect all the financial rails we have today in making efficient payments , Watch out on the SBI VIRTUAL CURRENCIES , coming soon this summer in Tokyo , XRP will be used as a remittance currency for making both cross border payments by financial institutions and asset buyers , 45% of XRPis volume comes from Asia , XRP will be paired to both the dollar and Japanese Yen , in order to optimize international payments coming in and out of japan .
    We also have Cuallex , The Mexican payment provider will be using XRP to source out liquidity on demand for the Mexican Peso , the market liquidity levels , of the Pesos , isnt as high as other native currencies like Dollars or Euros, XRP being a digital asset will be used as bridge currency in solving such liquidity issues , for unknown currencies like this , which doesnt have enough markets in making cross border payments , Cuallex finally , came out with a wallet called Cuallet , which will intergrate , Xrapid within their platform , Xrapid is a payment processor that can handle or process 50,000 transactions per second using the crypto currency called XRP developed by ripple labs in Sans Francisco , a trade worth of 1500 pesos could be sold for XRP , which will settle in seconds , on the beneficiaries end , by doing so ,Cuallex will be cutting down cost by 60% , reducing friction in the whole process , because the payments wont be processed in multiple hops or check points , this makes XRP, a Peer to Peer currency or Bank to Bank currency , XRP was tested in a pilot mode for 2 years by Cuallex , today they are rolling into a production stage to disrupt their out dated systems
    Along side this , Money Gram and Western union are also testing Xrapid in the pilot stage , Western Union as at 2016 , processed over 80 billion dollars and Money Gram also processed 351 million dollars ,
    When this test face is over , monies like this will be passing through Xrapids net , we are talking of real world money which is measured in trillions of dollars on annual or yearly basis ,
    The kind of moves this company is making , is massive , currently XRP is worth 0.69 cents and no body cared about XRP , when this system comes into , full use , Expert the price to go higher , One XRP could be worth 100 or more , The revolution is coming and crypto currencies are real , we saw the same thing happened to bitcoin , bitcoin as at 8 years ago, which was just 0.0065 dollars, lots of people didnt care about the coin , at that rate of 0.0065 dollars, if you had invested 100 dollars into bitcoin , you would have gotten 16,666 units , the price of bitcoin exploded in DEC 2017 from $700 to 20,000 dollars and 16,666 units of bitcoins at that time on DEC 2017 will be worth $ 333,320,000 billion dollars , Isnt that a fascinating , On such high returns , when it comes to making investments like this , Bitcoin was a currency used by the internet age , a currency which wasnt even mainstream , today people who invested into bitcoin 8 years down the line , are one of the Elites , having tans and tans of wealth sitting in their wallets,
    How much more will it be for a currency , designed to be used by financial institutions and asset buyers , coming with , specific use cases , In a span of 5 years or 6 months to come the price of XRP will be absolutely insane and people who invested early are going to be very rich.

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