In high school, did you have high grades or were you a dumdum?

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    So this group from my old high school wants to get together, and Im like, reliving the “good old days”.
    I am a big ass nerd when it comes to my schoolwork. I always memorized everything I need for tests but after the test ended, all the facts just disappeared from my mind
    Your turnnnnnnnnnnnn.

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    @willoww I was a HUGE nerd.. I would read my text books ahead of my idea why. I would always be finishing my schoolwork on time even if it was due until next week or something. When it comes for doing group work I always did the job to makes sure I got that A cuz I didn't trust anyone when it came to grades especially when working with people cuz you're not getting graded only yourself but as a whole group. When it came to tests/exams I always revised everyday and every weekend until the tests/ exams day was here. I was either the top or the second place in my class. I wouldn't say I was smart more like I pushed myself and worked hard to get to the college I wanted so right now I'm studying engineering in college so I guess I should thank myself for working hard at school 😊

  • @im-a-bae I too liked to finish 1 book within the first week.For me everything was slow.
    I couldnt sit still listening to the droning voice like an old vacuum cleaner (sorry teach ..but you aint here to dock my grades anymore 😹 )..I just went ahead & read everything i could .

    I needed that mental stimulation. 😝

    Lol group work i'm always the Quality controller/Supervisor.

    The guy who makes sure everything is okay & upto standard ....Someones gotta make those slackers work. 😂 😂

    ..sometimes i bribed them with food ,ice-creams . "Cmmon guys lets finish this ,if this goes well..I'll give everyone a treat "

  • @willoww I remember in junior high I always copied and or never did the work because knew they wouldn't fail me, because knew they could not. When I hit high school I went to a school none of my friends went to, so learned to do things myself and always attended for class. I was that kid who always asked liked everyyyyyy damn question XD because I was stupid in junior high, I rarely studied as I always did that at school and stayed a few minutes after to ask more questions I wrote down and was an organized freak so everythingggg was colour cooridinated so I knew where everything was when needed for quizzes and tests. I would even help this one kid I liked XD I would do his work for him a lot to try and get him to notice me but he really didn't like me (saddening lol ik but meh found myself a guy anyways from a different school). The hard part though is I went to a GCL (Guided customized learning) school, so we did a lot on our own with the help with a teacher adviser (TA) and course adviser (CA, which was the teacher of the course you were taking)(oh also was a module based school). I always made sure to work ahead because it was a school we went at our own pace, and had to pick seminars to attend for each course we took. Everything was on our own and if we fucked up we missed like a whole month of a course. The school went by fast, it was basically like a university and that's what they were preparing us for. I got between 75-85 so was happy with my scores as the school itself was pretty difficult but enjoyed the programs it has offered me. Thanks to that school I am well organized. So dunno, if that counts as a nerd as I always was in school studying and asking many many questions as well, stayed longer, but rarely studied at home.

  • @willoww same here. I just never finished high school

  • @Willoww same ... 😂 😂
    Garbage in ,Garbage Out
    its like each grade i go ahead ,i eliminate all that nonsense i learnt.

    For me exams were -Commit .Vomit ,Omit.

    First , Commit to Memory.
    Second , Vomit on Paper.
    Third , Omit from brain.

    alt text

  • Yes, I was very good in my school in all the activities except studying. I was good in sports but in studies just average.

    I was just an average guy who rarely was serious about his studies..
    School life is just fun , just chill and enjoy

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    ❤ ❤❤❤

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    @stranger_danger you forgot a step:
    Commit a little more
    Cry after receiving grade
    Then omit

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