I feel like a stranger

  • I need to let something out a bit, and i can’t let it out to my friends or family, so here i am.

    I’m a 22 yo female and currently doing internship in a studio. At first i was very happy about joining the team because the people are friendly and very very helpful, but now i feel very left out because of two other interns in my office.

    The other two intern is also females and their hobby and interests overlaps with each other, talking about expensive make ups, clothings, etc. Meanwhile here i am feeling a little bit left out because i, personally don’t have the luxury of spending money on unnecessary things.

    At first i thought it was just me being pessimistic. But time over time i feel like they really take me as the “less one”. If I say somethingg, they says something over me like i was not talking at all. Yes, i have small voice, and i’m afraid to talk loudly because i used to have super loud voice, and being reprimanded by my family everyday makes me not confident in my voice. There was even time when i’m trying to talk about something and one of them turning on a freaking video with loudspeaker so my voice is overshadowed.

    I feel angry, but they are the type who would only say “whoa chill bro” without really thinking that i’m really is upset over that, so i don’t want to waste my breath over it.

    One time one of the intern is shading me over liking a band, like i’m less than her because i like a freaking band and she likes multiple indie bands. But a week later they arebeing super nice to me because I have done my assignments for uni purpose first and they need my source to do theirs. They are being super nice to me for two days and the next time i met them they’re back to dissmiss me like before.

    I don’t know if i’m being oversenditive or what, but I know that the patience limits of each persons are different, and clearly i’m reaching my limit. I only want to let this out of my chest. Believe me or not i’m not the type to hold grudges, but i tend to remember them and it keeps piling up.

    If you read this, thank you and anyone is welcome to reply to this however you want.

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