Im a underaged little (14)


  • Pm me! I wanna talk

  • Most people will have NO idea what a "little" is, and it is unusual to find a 14 yr old describing themself as one. I can certainly relate to your need for a daddy-figure because I grew up without parents and endured sixteen years of varying forms of abuse before marrying a violent girl.
    Between now and your adult years you can do a lot of growing up and give yourself a new description. I suspect that right now you are finding it difficult to relate to other people, especially your own age group, and it's this that is causing your depression and worthlessness, and teenagers can be particularly cruel to anyone they perceive as "different".
    As "beings" we want to belong to a group. Take a look at animals, when they are obstracised from their families, they frequently stop eating and die because they can't choose any other way to live. You can.
    No matter who is describing you, YOU have the right to be however you are, and to be proud of it too. We all like to be included but we dont have to be, frequently those people who achieve remarkable things are those who stand aside of the crowd. Of course, that can take a certain amount of courage, and at 14, that can seem insurmountable, so insurmountable that it causes depression. And depression, I usually say, is unresolved anger.
    YOU are allowed to be 14, to have anxieties, fears, insecuritities, sheeesh, take a look at the adults walking around, most of them are headcases riddled with anxieties, fears, insecuritities, and if you have had no one guiding you thru childhood why should you be a supergirl.
    PLease dont give up on yourself yet. NO 14 year old is worthless I expect there are 1000s of young ladies out there who would love to know about you and your experiences, most won't know what a "little" is for a start, and a blog might inform them, if you care to create one. {{{{ hugs }}}} and I say again, please dont give up.

  • I’m a 36 yo daddy I’d love for u to be my lil girl I’ll taje care of n love u I promise.

  • Hi little one, want to talk? I’ll be your mommy if you want me to

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