What’s the right age to get married?

  • marriage

  • i dont know for me there's no age number to be the perfect age to get married..
    because the perfect time to get married is when both of you and your partner is really really ready. ready to get married, spending time with one person the rest of your life live life with them. the money for living is ready, your mental your mind is ready, the emotion is ready, the whole family is ready to welcoming a new family member, your physical is really, your body is ready
    even when you are just 18 if everything was ready it would be the right time to merried

  • Movie Buff

    Just as long as the person and his/her partner are committed to marriage and are ready then I guess it's the right time. I mean for me in my perspective there's no age limits.

  • Watch Anime Eyes Gamers

    May be 24 or 25...
    In the middle of 20s...

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