What's the craziest thing you've done so far?

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    Or if you can't choose...share them all haha :')

    Mine would probably be stranding at a hospital in Ibiza drunk af because of a too low body temperature, hearing everyone talk Spanish and calling me Kimberlia :') Then some doctor asked my friends if I was allergic to something (note: I had a huge blackout and only realized where I was right at that time) and I started shouting "Cats and dogs! I'm allergic to cats and dogs!" feeling embarrassed all over again 😜
    Since I wasn't actually sick, they refused to give me a room in the hospital and put me on a bed in the hallway to sober up :') Some experience lol

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    @kimmy159 The time I got invited to the KKK.
    One of the guys I've known since I was 2 days old, trump supporter and it's at a sad level so I can't be friends with that type of negative, and he wasn't doing anything at the time, I think I was 16 and we could drink there, and he told us about some of the other guys that would hang there, where they were partying, and it was kinda near my parents house, so we got the phone numbers and headed that way, mainly at the request of a friend of ours in the car. It was me driving, my little brother, some little spaz kid that lived down the street and would huff air freshener, and a high school friend that played guitar and was constantly trying to get laid. Well it took forever to get there, cause they were the middle of nowhere and I kept getting lost even though we were constantly calling to figure out where the fuck we took a wrong turn. When we get there, we defiantly stand out, as we're the youngest people there, but everyone is in there mid 20's and I knew 3 people there. Didn't know the owner, but knew his cousin, the cousins wife, and a military vet that was a medic, and kind of a dick. The owner walked up and said, who are you guys? And I pointed at the Vet., Andy, and said I knew him, and the asshole said, no I don't, but he kinda started laughing, and then the dudes cousin walked up and vouched for us, he was the one giving directions, I think their names were John and Christy. But after that, for some reason Kerry decided he would play guitar, and of course everyone's drunk and wants to hear country, but he plays rock and that just irritates everyone. The little spaz Hank hits on the owners wife, and tries to impress her by showing how he cuts himself, I don't know why he was even hanging with us honestly, and my little brother keeps making them laugh. I kinda am mostly there just watching and talking to John a bit, and then I turn and Kerry is getting yelled at by the owner, and the owner says something about hopping like a frog, and so Kerry being a jack ass jumps, and then the owner slaps him in the face with his beer. John and Christy have some huge fight and everyone runs to go see what's up, and I can't remember when this happened or why but I think Jacob, my little brother, really impressed him, so he asked to see his ID, and saw Reiser. He's like "Reiser, that's the mother land." Or something dumb like that. Well after everyone was running towards John and Christy the owner looked at the 4 of us, and said, "Alright it's time for y'all to get the fuck out of here." And as we walked away he put his arm up to me and my brother and said, "Hold on. Alright you made me laugh and you didn't piss me off, y'all are welcome back any time, but I never want to see those 2 fucks again. Do y'all know about the Klan?" And Jacob was like, "Of course." cause what else do you say to that. And he said, "Well have you ever thought about joining?" And Jacob was like, "Oh yeah we're already members." and he said, "Hah shut up, seriously you two are welcome in any time. I'd like to see you two come back, y'all have a good night." We never returned, but as soon as we got to the car we saw the other 2 sulking in the back, and me and my brother just laughed at them, cause they were dumb.

  • @kimmy159 Last year when I was in Punta Cana I was scammed by a pirate. We wanted to go parasailing but it was to windy that day so the guy at the resorts beach desk told us he would sign us up for a time slot the next day so me and my brother confirmed with everyone that they wanted to do it and payed our $200 deposit for our grou. He was wearing “official” clothes that resort vendors wore. We gave him the $200 and he wrote us out a receipt. The next day me and my brother went to the desk to ask if it was too windy again and if we would be able to go out still. They told us they shut down the desk early the day before and that it wasn’t them that had our deposit and that we were scammed by a beach pirate. They said there was nothing they could do about it but told us the illegal pirate “shopping center” was just down the beach. So me, my brother and my moms BF walked 2 miles down the beach to the pirate center. We got to the place and it was the type of crazy shit you see in movies. This 3 story building stood there almost all of the second and third floors in shambles. There were men pacing on the second floor all of them armed. Then there were people out in front also armed. My moms BF told us not to worry about the money and that we should leave. I was pissed at this point. He turned around to walk away and me and my brother walked the opposite direction and headed for the building. One guy approached us and asked what we were looking to buy. I told him we were looking for Freddy. He say “you don’t want to buy from Freddy, buy from me I’ll give you a good deal”. I said “look Freddy owes me $200 so unless you are going to pay me” he quickly pointed out Freddy sitting in the building. We headed in I was fuming. “Hey there Freddy, I think you owe me $200” I said. He asked if we wanted to go parasailing the next day. “Nope I want you to give me my $200”. I told my brother to go back outside with my moms BF. Freddy gave me the $200. I was trailing a little behind my brother and as he got outside I saw two guys a small guy and a bigger guy step in front of my brother. They power stanced my brother who’s only 5’7”. The small guy said to my brother “do we have a problem because if so this is our big man” and pointed to the guy with him. I caught up and asked what was going on. They could see I was pissed and I’m a very large guy. The smaller guy takes one look at me “we have no problems, he is a little big guy” points to his friend “you the big guy now”. They stepped out of our way and we walked back to the resort $200 in hand. That’s the story of how I almost fought beach pirates in Punta Cana

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    This is a crazy thing I have to do every match night:
    The match starts at 1am
    Ends at 3 am.
    I sleep at 3 am
    Wake up at 5 am
    Go to school at 6:30 am


  • @kimmy159 Once I ate an expired yogurt, I'm crazy af.

  • @us-poet so me my friends and my brothers were playing truth or dare on a vaca in hawaii, and my dare was to jump off a cliff. we asked which cliffs were SAFE to jump off of. it was SO fucking scary omg. and I'm USUALY not scared of heights

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    Sorry, this took me awhile, it's long so I wouldn't blame you all for skipping it, haha.

    I wouldn't say that I have done many crazy things. I was a very shy and timid kid, plus I was raised in a church environment. However, I have experienced some pretty crazy things, especially after I joined the military at 19. Right now it is a toss up between getting shot at by survivors of hurricane Katrina in 2005 (while we were trying to save them) or experiencing the "Bloodiest Month" in Iraq in 2004. I am going to go with "Bloodiest Month."

    Be advised, this story is about war.

    The story starts with us soldiers doing what we do best, dumb shit. Our Brigade Sergeant Major, CSM Snapper (as we called him), put us on a detail to dig fox holes and hasty firing positions on the perimeter of the airfield. We were one month in country and had the occasional mortar and rockets shot at us. Someone (may be me) had just made the comment that we were probably going to get shelled again right where we were digging. Just then, we heard the infamous “fhump” sound which indicated we about to be hit with mortars. However, it wasn’t one “fhump" it was dozens. We all stopped and waited. The whole FOB (forward observation base) went silent except for the whistling of incoming rounds. It was loud and we all knew they were on top of us.

    The next thing I remember was a round landing 10 feet in front of me. It was a dud (or wouldn't be writing this story) but the impact was still great enough to throw me into my foxhole (grave). I didn't pass out but everything went black, I saw stars, my eardrums popped, and my back felt like it tore in two. My ears were ringing and then I felt someone grab the handle on my IBA (body armor) and pulled me out of the hole. I opened my eyes but all I saw was dust, everyone was on the ground. The next thing I remember was someone helping me up. I noticed my M-16 got all twisted in the sling. I was still rubbing the dirt from my eyes and saw everyone running to the bunkers, some people were being carried. I took a step but my back felt like it was going to split open; I took a knee. Someone came up from behind and put their arm around me for support. I still couldn't hear very well but they kept pointing to their gun and then to mine. I realized they were trying to tell me to “go to red status.” Basically, lock and load, safety on semi.

    My hearing was starting to come back once I was in the dark bunker. The ground kept shaking from the impact of more rounds. Rocks and other debris were hitting the side of our bunker. All the radios were screaming with reports; everyone was calling for medics. Then my heart sank as I heard small arms fire; I knew the enemy was in the FOB. I never so hopeless but I looked down and my rifle and everyone else the bunker. I assumed they mirrored my expression and we all knew this is what what we signed up for, we were ready. But then we heard angels in the form Longbow Apaches; they were our aircraft, cavalry birds. Then the unmistakable sound of nightmares, the 30 Mike Mike, chain gun. The insurgents were liquefied in matter of minutes. I peered out the bunker opening and watched our scout birds (Kiowa) firing rockets in the distance. It was over faster than it started, I put my selector switch to safe on my rifle. It was silent except the non-stop radio chatter. Troops were calling in dismemberments, gunshot wounds, and every other horrible injury you can imagine that you have seen in a video game or movie.

    Over a dozen people died in the “Bloodiest Month" on the Warriors Brigade FOB in 2004 and countless others were injured. The worst part about this incident was the next day when we just went back to doing what we were doing before. We honored our fallen but life continued and the mission never stopped. We all knew this was our life for the next 11 months. Thank you for reading.

  • @the-dude you can be the awesome friend then. I'm sure my friends also had some crazy memories at my weird, low-key adventurous drunk self XD
    Also I don't get shit-faced drunk unless I trust the people around me.

  • @kimmy159 That would be the time my friend and I got drunk waaaaay too early in the night and decided to be adventurous at 1am. We trespassed a closed tourist spot (we almost broke our necks climbing the steep stairs and we had to be shooed away by the guards), breaking in a closed bar twice (the guards and the dogs finally woke up the 2nd time we went there), tried to break in inside a private property (damn guards), succeeding in breaking inside the said property lol, tried to walk to the other side of the island to watch the sunrise through an abandoned road (we were halfway there, but the alcohol in our system ran out to push away our fear lol).

    We ended that night/day with steaming cup noodles infront of the sea while sharing a bar of chocolate :face_with_tears_of_joy:

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    @the-dude Oh my gawsh how are you still alive!? 😜

  • @kimmy159 I don't know I can't remember, it was a madness but I love living at limit.

  • @kimmy159 I have told you mine 😛

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    @the-dude That's really living at the edge 😜 applauds

  • @kimmy159 drunk misadventures are the best

  • jumping off a cliff in hawaii

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    @kimmy159 awesome story... I am working up one myself.

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    @joewindsurf me too.....in need for speed.. :smiling_face_with_sunglasses:

  • @kimmy159 It was awesome. Haven't done it for a while, unfortunately...fortunately??

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    @kimmy159 there have been days like that (like when I took sniper fire on a supply run... I actual laughed when that happened. I couldn't believe how bad of a shot the guy was) but that was probably the craziest day. I am still battling the Veterans Association for my disability. My back has never been the same.

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    @us-poet yeah, I thought so but that would have been weird as fuck. I am actually trying to get back out to Texas. My family and I miss it. We've been stuck in Savannah for over 10 years. How did you fair in the hurricane? We had so many I don't even remember the name of that one... Harvey?


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