Ban Facebook. Delete Facebook. Stop Facebook because it is selling user's information!

  • I know right !!

    Compare the 3 hour senate hearing that mark had with the several days of Bill gates in microsoft's far less harmless case of bundling Internet Explorer instead of Netscape ..

    Here ,there is so many millions of peoples data stolen using facebooks lethargy ..& he doesnt even get a slap on the wrist..

  • @sarah I'm not saying that it's not illegal. I'm saying that the users of Facebook have given them permission to use all of their content in any way they want. That's legal. Other things they do such as track other through their social media buttons goes beyond their terms and conditions and hence, is illegal.

  • @sir-devil One may argue that they never would have accepted these terms if they knew about it but what can we do? People have lost their entire properties due to the fine prints in their contracts. We just have to be careful and read all terms and conditions. If that's too hard, there are sites to help you. One such site is This has a simplified version of the terms and conditions of almost all prominent websites.

  • @stranger_danger Yeah lol, that 2014 quote started the Zuck-Lizard meme...

  • GSP Patrol - The Proofreaders

    good luck with that task

  • "Without our consent"

    Ha lol, Morally maybe but legally? You have indeed given your consent. You have accepted the terms and conditions, right? Here's an excerpt from the terms and condition,

    "You grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with Facebook (IP License). This IP License ends when you delete your IP content or your account unless your content has been shared with others, and they have not deleted it."

    Here, IP means Intellectual Property which means all types of digital data. This means that all photo, videos and text messages you upload to Facebook are owned by them. What this doesn't tell you that is that they don't have to ask permission from anyone to use any user media nor does any third-party companies affiliated with them and also that, by using the clause "unless your content has been shared with others", they have ensured that they don't even have to delete your data even if you delete your account and thus, giving them permanent ownership to all your user data.

    Another thing neglected to explain is that Facebook (along with Google and a whole lot of other companies) can track you outside their respective website. Usually, one can find this by looking for the "Social media Buttons" (those tiny icons asking you to share their content). Sometimes, they would even hide these trackers so we can't even find that we are being tracked.

    Anyway, who could completely blame you? We all, ignore the terms and conditions. Even I would accept that I glossed over it, when I first created my account back in 2007. We are also in the fault because we have forgotten that nothing is free. Everyone joined FB because it appeared to be free, right? But still, they were making money. They were running the company by selling our data. By asking for free services, we have sold our identity and data for about 20.75$ per year (Yep, that's true. Here's a link.) This would also make us think twice about those premium ad-free services. Actually, we are not just paying them to not show us ads but also to make them not steal our data.

  • @Sir-Devil you are indeed correct.The devil is in the detail but we never go into detail.we live in generality which screws us over.

    Facebook surely has worded their contract in such a way they can avoid such a very incidence.Their legal teams are formidable as is to be expected from a billion dollar company.

    Ethical contract doesnot equal legal contract.
    Public opinion can be changed as long as legally he is not screwed .

    Just as Bill gates became the worlds greatest Philanthropist after his disgrace in 2000's in a bid to clear his name.
    Zuckerberg too can brainstorm with his PR team & emerge as a repentent hero in the future.

    I have been hearing of his ambition to be POTUS.
    This will be a sine qua non for him then.

    He has friends in high places like in DoD ,senate etc ...He is the holder of the worlds greatest repository of private information,so a lot of gates open for him...

    Hitler or Stalin would probably give their souls to know about what each person thought ..& people willingly have given it up to Mark & are only now understanding it's meaning.

    The worlds greatest violation of privacy ..what was once "Surveillance Comapny" re-branded as "Social media" ..& the people loved him for it.

    Truly ,Irony at its finest.

  • @stranger_danger

    Zuckerberg too can brainstorm with his PR team & emerge as a repentent hero in the future.

    He had actually done that before. Early 2000s Zuck was awkward af. He got too anxious and would start to sweat visibly when asked difficult questions. He got a lot of bad PR back then due to his company's attitude due to their rapid growth and the legal cases filed against him for stealing the idea for Fb. This was further made worse due to the movie "The Social Network" which shed light on his social life in a mostly negative way. He hired a new PR team and with them he got results.

    He started turning his PR reputation with a single event. He got himself into an interview with Oprah and while on-air he announced that he is going to donate millions to the Schools in the US which then, made Oprah give Zuck a standing ovation. Do you know how influential and manipulative that is? The Oprah Winfrey Show is one of the most watched and longest-running show. By getting approval from her, he was able to get the approval of all of America. Celebrities often do these kinds of things with the immense wealth they got. Zuck then went to classes with Conversation Specialist and thus, got better in Interviews and was able to maintain that Reputation until now.

  • @sir-devil Ohhh yeah ,i remember his sweating ,his awkward talks,constantly looking away.The Winklevoss twins case...

    ..I honestly forgot about the Oprah show ..yeah remember Lance Armstrong ,Tom Crises's famous couch leap & shouting "I love her" to his wife..& gaining affection of millions of fans & later separating due to his desire to control his childrens indoctrination into the Scientology cult.. It's just a circus show.

    Zuckerberg's still not completely smooth.

    Remember his 2014 famous “When I was human. I am human, still. But, um, but I was just referring to myself in the past. Not that I was not human.”

    Nothing like Logically explaining why you said you’re not a human is the best way to reassure people that you’re a human. Lol

    Also from his college days :
    image url

    True ,People can change but his actions dont seem to reflect that.

  • @sir-devil maybe you didn't read the topic clearly it mentions that

    Facebook is misusing our data even if we do not have any account on Facebook at all means we never accepted any privacy terms or any user agreement.

    So it is 100% illegal what Facebook is doing.

  • @stranger_danger how can we support this cause together to turn down Facebook Monopoly...

    Perhaps share this discussion with as many people as you can...

  • @sarah I wish it would help ..but there really is no viable alternative..

    All the major social sites like -Instagram ,whatsapp ,Pinterest are acquired by facebook.

    You leave one ,you are still in the clutches of the same organisation...just with a different name.

    As long as no other company builds a viable alternative ,you are not free .

    You could use Google+ but really your colleagues,greater circle of friends ,college pages are still most likely on facebook just have to return there.You are still trapped.

  • @talkwithstranger
    I cried with laughter at this. "Facebook actually banned sharing talk with stranger content on Facebook because our website is growing rapidly and it is getting in competition with Facebook."
    Yeah right. You guys got banned for good reason. I just hate the fact it is because those who signed up with FB can't log in. Fix it.

  • @sarah you just can't blame a big company like Facebook without even knowing the whole matter. The CEO himself can be seen shocked and also sorry for not being able to provide a "higher level" of security in order to prevent cases like the ones occurred recently. And the ones who are saying that fb earns money by selling user data don't even know the concept of ads and how it helps in making revenue. And data analysis is a field which most of the websites use for understanding their customers and it's nothing new it's needed to provide users with what they want and prefer that's what fb does. This is internet!

  • Music Lovers

    Quite optimistic.... I hope we will be quite protected then... right.?
    You have to be kidding me if you say that this revelation was surprising and there is something new about this.

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