Why do some girls like black guys ?

  • What is so special in black guys that make girls find them more attractive then white boys.. i thought white boys r more handsome?

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    Maybe it goes beyond the skin color mah dude.
    Maybe it is entirely coincidental that the nearest dude with an actual personality just so happens to be black or tan or mixed.
    Maybe just maybeeeee its because white isnt the only thing thats beautiful.
    your whole “i thought white was handsome” or whatever that last part was (sorry short term memory whoops), made ya post lose its meaning.
    Its sad tbh. Because I have friends who tell me about their culture on here. How unique each one is. Their different clothes, rituals/beliefs, and looks.
    Ive heard stories from my bf about how many chicks in his African country bleach their skin. To be apart of this “beautiful white”.
    But then we see another German lady who got so many fake tans, to purposely make herself black. Like ummmm, wut?
    Suddenly we enter this contradiction. White trying to be black. Black trying to be white. Issa good way to show that all skin is beautiful.
    So reeling back in here, to answer your question. Not all women find black men more attractive. Not all black men are more attractive than whites. Whites are not superior just based on the skin.
    They might just be more attractive just because they have a quality others lack. Like yeah, a personality. Or a sense of humor.
    But yeah. Erm..the end


  • That's easy it's because they are human like any other, but a lot of people say "because for that dick" but idk if it's true or not

  • I think brown sexy but I'm a lesbian so I don't swing that way, I think it's that they stand out more to us not trying to be racist but if it sounds like it then just tell me to shut up.

  • bc they have huge cocks and girls love being torn open

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