How overrated our so called "Virginity" is

  • Now what is a virgin? Someone who hasn't had sex yet probably crossed your mind, the word virginity also refers to first experiences. The value of ones virginity can depend on gender.

    For many men, losing their virginty is a must and having it for too long can result to being insulted by peers, in otherwords, its a nuisance. For other guys it's something to keep for their special someone.

    Some women share the same sentiment with the latter male, others dont think much of it for the sake of empowerment. And naturally there is a grey zone where neither party gives much of a damn.

    Now to get to the point, or to be frank, virginity/virgins dont exist, at least not physically. Its all in the mind.
    For starters you can't tell if someones a virgin just by having sex regardless of gender, hmmmm? I heard a thousands voices say bullshit just now, but hear me out.

    It goes without saying that nothing happens to a guy after having sex so thats out the window, (but women bleed from penetration) doesnt say much either, and here's why.

    The idea that a girl is a virgin if she bleeds from intercourse is outdated. This idea refers to the tearing/breaking of the hymen and here's why its bullshit.

    The hymen is a stretchy collar of tissue just inside a womens vaginal entrance, overtime it becomes more stretchy and can change color. Studies show that you can't tell if a women is a virgin just by looking at her hymen, a matter of fact even if it tears it'll heal back so the so called "cherry popping" that was so popular back then is nothing much but a farce.

    The same way dicks have various sizes the hymen can be thin and stretchy, thick and rigid the inbtween or it might not even be there. But what about the blood during first time? Well the hymenal tissue is supplied with blood so if torn she will bleed but keep in mind that tiny splits can happen in other parts of the vaginal entrance, this can occur if there isn't enough lubrication and cause bleeding. Last but not least it is common her not to bleed from her first time.

    Well ladies and gentlemen let me hear your thoughts, should people continue to put value on their virginity? Why?

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