What do you think about feminism?

  • Do you think feminism is only for women? Do you feel influenced by gender expectations?

  • Feminism is all good until its reverse sexism.

  • I do really thinks some people perceive the main idea behind feminism as females being superior over the males or females getting more oppurtunitiesby playing their gender card. While feminism is basically an ideology in which people demand equality and equity.

  • Feminism is basically equal rights for men and women. So to be a feminist, it is not about your gender but your beliefs. If you think men and women are equal then that does make you a feminist. However, the general society is patriarchal where feminism is seen as bad. Hence, I would say that one is definitely feels influenced by gender expectations as we are trained ever since we have been a child. For example, if you are a girl then most probably your room will be pink and you will have dolls to play with. Similarly, for boys, blue room and cars to play with.

  • @cheesecake-lesb feminism's goal originally was to give equal rights to both women and men, today in western (and some other) countries this has been achieved, so it is kind of pointless here. Feminists are needed in the middle east and other countries still, though.

  • Feminism is NOT about girls being better than boys, it's about girls being equal to boys!

  • Feminism is a classic example of a few bad fish ruining the pond. Although the issues raised are very ethical and need attention of the general public but the way they are presented by a fraction of people puts the whole community in bad light. Here I am referring to those feminists who mindlessly talk without thinking of the implications their words would render.

  • @queenlope You can quote things that feminists created like Tampons and Sanitary pads both of which were created by "MALE CHAUVINIST PIGS" I was referring to girls like you. And please be sure to spell check before getting into an argument because the other person can annihilate you in serious arguments.

  • Boys or girls can be feminists bc feminism is for people who fight for women's rights and for guys to not say stuff like "You throw like a girl" because that's just implying that girls are weak. Or "Guys are smarter than girls" meaning girls are dumb but we aren't dumb or weak. Two girls were on the football team when I was in high school, I just don't like football but I would've joined if I liked it. My point is that anyone can be a feminist as long as you know what it really means to be one.

  • actually Feminism is just women's rights hence FEMINISM=FEMININE rights Mens right would be like Manism or something.

  • @wojta Ya but people still say mean stuff about the Women gender

  • @cheesecake-lesb I think that people are always going to be mean (not only to girls), unfortunately. What has been achieved is equality before the law (unless it is a gender-specific law). In the second wave of feminism, the goal was to achieve social equality, which I feel has been mostly achieved. The biggest problem have, as I've mentioned, have women in the east.

  • @sircasticindian By that you can point out the exemple of things that feministes created.
    Like "man spreading".

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