• is it not good to have sex with stranger

  • Very unsafe in so many ways. Get to know them first, and check them out before putting yourself in such a vulnerable position.

  • Nooo .not all wrong.

  • It actually depends. If you two have a chat already like got to know your story like some friendly chat and you both are honest then you probably could. Their are even tons of people who have a 1 night stand. It's okay at the same time it's dangerous cause maybe that person has an HIV or some illness that will be pass to you

  • Hmm what the meaning of sex for u? If only for ur pleasure, u can do it but just remember about the healthy risk such as HIV, sifilis, etc, but if sex is for love, so dont do it, i don't believe with got love in the first sight, i think its only ur desire, not the trur feeling of love

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