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    @smitty said in Looking for fun:

    Hi whats up i am new to this

    Here's a thought for you to process Smitty.
    The first post in the threads by the person who started the thread and ask the question on the right upper corner I believe it's the upper corner there is a date. I tried to check the date and see how old the thread is. Then I will go to the profile of the person who started the thread and after their picture in the little things that they say about what's your reputation and how many post and stuff you have right below that it tells you when they joined and when the last time they were online.
    I usually find the threads are a year-and-a-half to two years old and the person has not been online since approximately the time that they posted the thread bus pretty much making in a dead thread the version that asked the question is no longer there or interested so you have a thread full of answers by people interested in it just like you. Not always but most of the time that doesn't do any good.

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