What's your favourite book and what's it about? :D

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    ^^ Mine's the Farseer Trilogy from Robin Hobb, about an illegitimate child of a king with special powers that determines his own life and place in the kingdom.

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    All time dav is Alchemist by paulo coelho .... A boy meets a lady who tells him that he is gonna discover a treasure,the boy who was a sheperd starts his journey by selling his sheeps.,it is about how he manages to reach the treasure (I don't remember the end of the story) he meets his love who tells him that she will marry her only after he fulfills his dream of getting the treasure. It was really motivational story.
    Second is Midnights children by salman rushdie - Its more about the independence of india and the children born on the midnight of the independence day I.e on 15th August..all telepathy and the politics, I had to refer dictionary several times to understand the meaning.
    3rd - Davinci code...dan brown
    4th - god of small things ....Arundhati roy

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    Mechanics of Materials by R. C Hibbeler

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    @kimmy159 Robin Hobb is a fantastic author

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    @paranoid-android Oh wow, you definitely made me curious about it 😃 I'll check it out some time ^^
    How awesome that you also know the Farseer trilogy 😃 Haven't come across many people that do ^^

  • Movie Buff

    @kimmy159 oh god, Farseer trilogy is soooo good. I'm about to finish the second book.
    My favorite book is The Name of the wind by Patrick Rothfuss. I don't know how to describe it without giving away spoilers but if you liked the Farseer series, you should definitely check The Name of the wind.

  • my favorite book is a a chinese webnovel series called i shall seal the heavens. it is about meng hao as he journies towards immoraltality

  • Freedom Writers - Writing

    @kimmy159 my favorite thing to read as of late are the tales by HP Lovecraft, and my favorite story by him is the shadow over innsmouth, which has a slow set up, but once the action starts you are taken on a wild ride, that has an even crazier ending.


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