• The Face on the Wall narrates the experience of a guest was staying in Great Ormond Street in an old house. During one such stay he noticed the damp walls had discolored patches on them. One particular patch resembled a human face. The guest becomes obsessed with the face and inquiries reveal that it was the face of the American millionaire Ormond Wall.

    The guest recalls that the face was very slightly visible when he woke up the previous morning. By evening, the face had disappeared completely. He reads about the serious accident that Wall was involved in. Later he gets the news that Ormond Wall succumbed to his injuries.

    At this point of time, the guest says that there are three strange features. The first is the resemblance between Wall’s face and the patch. The second is the similarity between the name of the street he lived in and the millionaire’s name. Finally, the guest says that he had just made up the story a few minutes ago. Saying this, he leaves the place.😍😍

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