A friend of my who knows nothing about the crypto market , let me first clear the fud.

  • Listen to him carefully followed by my feed back

    Nik dervishev says:
    January 19, 2018 at 9:04 am
    I read some remarks above and i was amased how people can be so greedy and thinking just about profits and nothing else. Before you speculate about price in the future, you have think about supply and demend.

    1. Curently there are close to 40 billion ripples on the market with price 1.6 $ as 19/1 /2018; yesterday ripple crussed to 0.8 $ but today recovered; market capitalisations is 100 billion. Someone above predicted the price of the ripple to jump even on 1000 $. This could happen if ripple was like ethernium – just 100 million coins… but there are 1000 times more ripples then ethernium… price of ethernium is 1000 $ at the moment … so the price of the ripple is about 1$… just right. Now ripple market is little over 30 billion, so the price ti rise to 3 $, has to double… someone to put other 30 000 000 000 billion in the market ( with relising more coins on the market)
    2. The use of the coin
      Ripple is made to be use by banks… thats stands agains all virtuals coins… t.e. decentrilised capitalist system. Now ripple is use by some banks to makes banks transfers but people have to think what will happen when the banks come near future with their own online systems for payment-ripple will be wortless. I didnt heared any coin build on ripple platform- like ethernium, or with open blockchain code like bitcoin for example. Outside banks sector ripple is total rubbish.
    3. Is very hard to make a prediction of a price, expecially when the coin is not minable. There are close to 40 bilion coins on the market and there are other 60 billion in the hands of the greeedy developers. I read some post by the people behind ripple… and they was saying… they will relise 200 million ripples every mount. Just feew mount ago was about 35 billion ripple in circulations and now is over 3 000 0000 000 billion more ripple just in less then 60 days… with this saturation of the market i wouldnt be supprise to see 60 000 0000 000 ( 60 billions) coin circulatings on the markets by end of year.What will happen when all 100 000 000 000 ( 100 billion) coins start to surculate on the market? Anyone who stady a little chemistry in school know what happen when you start puting salt in a glass of water. In the begining water saturated the salt but then later cant take anymore and is oversatureted.That what will hapen with reapple when all the coins will be realise
    4. My final prediction on price of ripple for 2018 is 1 $ with low cap of 0.5 $ and max cap of 2$ depends of coins ciculation on the market. 2019 pipple prediction 1 ripple =0.0 $ why? simple- banks will come with their own online curency and riple will be usless.
      I you want to invest in digital curency i will sudject bitcoin and my prediction for bitcoin price by end of 2018 is 45k +
      stay way from ripple… will woth nothing near future

    Reply from a strong ripple investor Know as Spencer Ntow

    We call this zero research , ripple labs only released 1 billion xrp units at the beginning of every new month becuase they locked up 55 billion xrp into an escrow account to be used for contract basis , which will be purchased by major financial institutions such as banks and payment providers for making cross border payments , don’t get me twisted , go back and read ripples white paper well or do your research well before posting fake news to the crypto community , at the end of every month any unsold amount of xrp will be locked back to the escrow account , the price of ripple will be absolutely insane when scarcity sets into the market , because ripple labs themselves have no control over the xrp units stored in the escrow account ,quote ,they will never flood the market with excess coins , becuase the contract is made to last for 55 months ,you have no idea of what you just posted , if ripple is solving a multitrillion dollar problem and banks have 27 trillion dollars sitting in nostro accounts , this tells you the xrp asset will be an alternative in reducing the friction and loss incured by such financial institutions, which amounts to 1.6 trillion dollars annually , do your math .100 billion xrp tokens won’t even be enough , this could drive the price up than any other crypto currency we have today , ripples price will be driven by its utility , the most scable liquidity provider to process 1500 transactions within seconds , 1.2 quadrillion for ripples market cap within 1 and half year is going to be possible and Xrp price will be 12000 dollars , lots of tears are going to flow from people’s eyes becuase they did not invest into ripple , they chose to invest into shit coins like bitconnect and devoir coin which has no use case or end goal , ponzy schemes made to rip people off ,who are new and never made their research well before investing into a coin .

    If you like what am doing feel free to donate some ripple to my gate hub wallet address rsZ4ciAun4Ppaw3Te3UtP1Vdh29h3JwKdL

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