Lonely girl, need a friend.. kind of a freak

  • I'm almost the exact same so hmu

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    @jarooster i just followed u
    plz follow back

  • @TDTeasdale you need fucked?

  • @TDTeasdale i am Are youtube freak
    I’ve seen the end of the world I see more than most people can I had an accident in 2000 I literally died but I never left my body so remind
    Yet now I’m back as normal as any of it except now I can see.
    I can see the future I can turn it on and turn it off I see death two friends and love ones and others in another world side of the world .
    I see it happening I write it down as it’s happening somewhere else they say it’s a gift and gift from God.
    I guess it would be a gift if you’re not the one it’s happening too.
    I see no gift and something that you cannot stop I see no gift and something that even your love ones are dying and you witness it as it happens or before I see this not a gift I see a horror movie with your family in it and you can’t stop it but yet Do you watch it in your dream or vision and then relive it in reality as it happens to your lover that’s not a gift that’s a problem
    a medium
    I am

  • @GirlNextDoor What is the definition of clunky

  • @TDTeasdale yes,add me

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    Cool story man

  • Soul Searchers

    I used to kind of have these visions and I was I was like an observer third party in a violent rape or murder of of different women and that just flat suck there was nothing I could do I tried my best to warn these girls and scare them away anything to get their attention so that they would not happen and I could not and I don't know what I ended up doing to actually get it to stop I mean it went on for a couple of years probably a total of 20 or 30 different murders
    It is a completely screwed-up thing man yummy you just you useless flat useless there's nothing you can do all you can do sit there and observe it and you know you feel compelled to do that because if you don't no one's really going to know what happened to these people and just like that is really sucks man in this really sucks and I need to be forgotten that even happen to me until I read your post I hope it never happens again or I hope if it does happen if there's something that I can do to alter the course of events because I couldn't do nothing in those and that was screwed up.
    and a weird thing is you know it all this starts out as a dream it's nothing out of the ordinary but you know all the sudden you will kind of recognize somebody or have a deja Vu kind of thing in you know through the course of time I don't know if it is a millisecond or millions of seconds but all the sudden you realize oh shit that's what's going on here this girl is getting ready to die in that dudes getting ready to kill her but there's nothing you can do and by then the stuff that you should have paid attention to you like you know what was happening 2 hours before this happened you weren't paying attention because you didn't realize that this is going to be a murder because you thought it was just another dream man screwed up events blah blah blah screwed up but at least I'm not insane and I'm not alone

  • yea lets be friends

  • This post seems like a reply would be followed up with an invitation to join a “free more private site” the kind where ur credit card is used for age verification purposes only ( no offense intended)
    U got a semi decent innocent looking female Who’s lonely, seeking a friend,& kind of a freak
    In my history That combination In a female normally doesn’t have any issues with entertainment and when online they are targeting sales
    Maybe u are the half way decent looking, lonely, freak that thirsty males seek (what do I know)

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