@wet-teri said in This is maybe not my normal sort of randomness.... hey ho: There is a quote (I believe that it's by Mark Twain) "Don't argue with a fool. They will only drag you down to their level and beat you with experience" I love that quote. You are definitely right, about a lot. @Durwin You know you can be betrayed irl and through the internet. People can put on masks in both worlds. No helping that. There is no reason to trust a random person you meet on the street more or less than you can trust a person on the internet. The only difference really being, that on the internet they can even hide their appearence. @wet-teri you have a good point there about allowing others to see only what you want them to see. I believe to forge a real bond, you have to show them enough of yourself. This is true IRL or online too. I mean you could spawn an entire web of lies, but at some point you'll contradict yourself if you really get into a relationship with someone. So I believe you can really create bonds over the internet, and people won't be strangers to you then. But that doesn't mean, that when you meet for the first time IRL you wouldn't have to learn to interact with each other in a more direct way. When people say that there is chemistry, that means literal chemistry too. E.g. it might be quite possible, that you're not really compatible IRL, which is why I don't believe that people are (really) IN LOVE (as in romantic) if they have never met in person. But that doesn't mean that you could not continue being real friends over the internet. So yeah @Durwin, I'm being confidential too, I don't talk about private stuff with people that have no right to know, no matter if it's over the internet or not. And for that nobody has to tell me, that "it's a secret". As long as I wouldn't be happy if someone shared information like that about me, I won't share.