@Darkkk said in HOW DOES IT TURN OUT...........: How does it turn out? Usually It gets messy and complicated. My heart tends to make the worst possible choices but at that moment makes me feel amazing but in the long run tear me down a little bit further! @Darkkk said in HOW DOES IT TURN OUT...........: Is it good, bad, or expected.....how are the consequences? We never expect a bad outcome or at least I don't. When I let my heart decide, even if the idea looks really bad, deep down I try to keep a positive attitude so that I don't dwell too much on the negative side of it or how the plan can fail! The consequences usually are rather shitty... There's a song that goes with "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger..." well, I feel like that's bs, I think it's more like "What doesn't kill you destroy you, leaves you broken instead..." (free upvotes for whoever guesses both songs). @Darkkk said in HOW DOES IT TURN OUT...........: And would you prefer listening to your heart more or your mind? I'm an unconditional romantic... No matter how much pain I get i'll always choose the heart over the head, cuz I rather live in constant pain and be happy every now and then, rather then to live the whole life in a numb hollow state. So I rather keep trying or die trying to be happy