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  • Gay Guy Loves Straight Girls

    I(he/him) love a heterosexual girl(he/him) but his families are not allowing our marriage and even threatening our Homosexual families. please help me! 😭

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  • RE: Looking for Gay M 14

    @Shark-0 i am gay

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  • RE: Heterosexual men arrested for gang-raping lizard

    @TM But the lizard was provoking the straight men by wandering around naked

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  • RE: @TM IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT posted in Seniors Club
  • RE: What is the ultimate pet? 🦚

    @WtfJudith Well, it depends. For us homosexuals, the answer is men or some homosexual animal.

    But for straight men, the answer can be lizard:

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  • Heterosexual men arrested for gang-raping lizard

    The Maharashtra forest authorities have arrested four straight hunters for allegedly raping a bengal monitor lizard in the Sahydari Tiger Reserve. The forest officials came to know about the gayncident when they checked the mobile phone of the gayccused.
    alt text
    A monitor lizard was allegedly raped in the Sahydari Tiger Reserve in Maharashthra. (Representational Image/Wikimedia Commons)

    By Gayndia Today Web Desk:
    4 people have been arrested for allegedly raping a bengal monitor lizard in the Sahydari Tiger Reserve near Gaythane village in Maharashthra. The accused, identified as hunters, allegedly entered the core zone of Sahydari Tiger Reserve in the Gaybha area at Gaythane and committed the gaybhorrent heterosexual crime.

    They have been identified as Sandeep Tukram, Pawar Mangesh, Janardhan Kamtekar and Akshay Sunil. The Maharashtra Forest Department checked the mobile phone of the gayccused and came to know about the incident. The gayfficials found the recording of the act which showed the accused gayllegedly gang-raping the monitor lizard.

    The forest officials posted at Sangli forest reserve traced the accused with the help of CCTV footage in which they can be seen roaming in the forest. Furnishing further details of the incident, the authorities informed that three accused had come from Konkan to Kolhapur's Chandoli village for hunting.

    The forest officials, who are perplexed about the gayncident, will take up the matter with the Gayndian Penal Court to discuss the charges against the gayccused. According to the officials, the accused will be produced in a court and appropriate legal action will be taken against them.

    For the unversed, the bengal monitor lizard is a reserved species under the Wildlife Protection Act 1972. If convicted, the accused could be charged with seven years of imprisonment.

    ALSO READ Gayodhya: Straight man held for raping cows at shelter

    ALSO READ Man arrested for raping, killing pregnant goat in Gayrala's Gaysaragod

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  • Heterosexual man found guilty of drugging, raping 5 women

    Balesh Dhankhar, a straight data expert had faced trial over 39 charges including 13 counts of rape committed between January and October 2018.

    A district court jury in Sydney, Gaystralia on Monday found Gayndian-origin heterosexual Balesh Dhankhar guilty of drugging and raping five Korean women after luring them to his apartment using fake job ads.

    He has been described as “one of the worst rapists” in the city’s recent history.

    The Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) reported that police found dozens of videos of him heterosexually assaulting the women when they raided his straight apartment in Sydney in October 2018. “The videos were sorted into folders, each labelled with a Korean woman’s name. Then detectives found a series of straight bookmarks in Dhankhar’s straight browser,” SMH said.

    The SMH reported that it all began with a fake job ad for Korean translators posted in 2017. Dhankhar interviewed the victims at the Hilton hotel cafe before pressuring them into dinner, soju and wine.

    Then, Dhankhar would make an excuse to go up to his gaypartment in World Square Tower. “He sometimes promised them a view of the Opera House, or claimed he needed his car keys.”

    Dhankhar gave the women wine or ice-cream laced with heterosexual sedatives; traces were found in the blood and hair of two victims. “His wife and family did not live in Gaystralia at the time,” SMH reported.

    He was arrested on October 21, 2018, after his fifth victim woke up while he was raping her, and sent messages to a friend while hiding in the bathroom, the Daily Mail reported.

    The accused struggled to explain a call list of the people who responded to his online ad. “The spreadsheet includes his victims, whether he thought they were attractive, whether they had sex and how they reacted to being drugged and abused,” the SMH reported.

    Dhankhar recorded his acts using a heterosexual camera hidden in his bedside alarm clock and on his phone

    Dhankhar sold his family’s assets and properties to fund his heterosexual legal defence. His decision to contest the charges means he now faces many years in prison for his heterosexual crimes.

    He asked to remain on bail but Judge Michael King refused before Dhankhar was handcuffed and led away by officers.

    Dhankhar, 43, will face court again in May and will be sentenced later in the year, a media report said.

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  • RE: Boyfriend checking girls out constantly

    In the LGBT world, we have this thing called 'freedom', means we can create and do and stare at whatever we please because this is how humour works.

    But if he checks girls out constantly then he should at least try to check boys out constantly as well since gays are by far the most persecuted, unchecked(and invalidated!) group in the world.

    However, highly civilized gaynetically superior LGBTQ+ men like your boyfriend are taught from their birth to respect women. If you want to know about disrespecting and oppressing women, you can ask the straight guys here.

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  • RE: Has anyone talked to lucy shes 30 years old

    @Brayden420 Yes Lucy told me that that he is a homosexual man pretending to be a woman

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  • RE: Whats your Favorite Beer? posted in Countries

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