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“Every person is a new door to a different world.”

Someone famous in Six Degrees of Separation

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  • @wtfjudith wtf is "pansexual"?...attraction for buildings, trees,anything in the world?i am not a sex expert...btw what is helicopter sexuality?

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  • @rosestar Hahaha , as I said to @wildwallflower on a different post, I could no longer stop myself from delighting on the dry roasted nature of Mr Peanut, so after many times of sotpping myself, I could no longer resist and I ate him 😮

    As for your friends, if nothing has happened to cause a problem between you and them, they will always 'be friends' but maybe not in the same capacity.
    Regarding them finding you annoying ... wtf??? how on earth would anyone pass that judgement on you? I mean, like Really??? Come on girl be real 😮
    After your singing I'm surpriesed they are not beating your door down for autographs !

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  • @lola21 no thanks dear but thanks for the site though. I am just not after that

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  • @shaun-durwin damn what have you done with peanuts?? hahah .. thanks ! Maybe they aren't really friends at all .. I keep having this constant thinking that they don't care about me anymore and maybe they just find me annoying

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  • @rosestar
    It's not nice when that happens, but the chance still remains that maybe they are too busy and have other things going on.
    This doesn't change the fact it's a basic curtisy to let people know, to respond and to inform.
    Life can often get in the way of a simple reply. I must admit I have been guilty of this in the past, as no doubt many other users on here have been to.

    It doesn't stop the fact that it hurts. It's bad enough for it to happen once or twice but when it becomes a regular thing it's just plain rude.
    For me, in that situation, I would happily move on as these people are clearly not worth it. I'm not saying that's an easy thing to do, but for the sake of sanity it's the best way to go.
    Prior to that course of action there is always the route of trying to speak to them inorder to attemp to find out why they are being such an ass. The good thing about this idea is the fact that if they still don't respond or are very blazay about it at least you know you have tried. I have found in the past that 'not trying* can cause just as much pain as how the people were in the first place.

    Keep your chin up girl 😉

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What Are Social Online Chat Rooms?

Discuss Random Topics

Have random discussions with random strangers in our free chat room & chatrooms and online social community. You can choose a category from list of Categories

You can checkout what people are already discussing & chatting together on our stranger chat rooms forum. You can talk to random people, follow people whom you find interesting, people are already discussing & chatting together on our ask questions and answers from strangers , share random links, stories and get opinion from anyone on the other side of the world.

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Save Your Chats & Messages

We know your random stranger chats can sometime turn into something really valuable. This is why we have finally introduced a way for you to have a permanent inbox where you can chat with someone and save your chats. You can come back on our community to resume your chat with your loved one. Best free chat site to chat online and have anonymous conversations.

Girls, No more worries in sharing your Skype, WhatsApp or Facebook with a random person. Just share your username with your chat partner and he/she can simply find you using our special search feature that lets you search everything on our chatting website.

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Make New Friends & Keep Old

Now, TalkWithStranger has made it much more easier for our members to find new relevant people to free chat with and make friends simply & free. You can start following people whom posts you like to read and reply to and you can reply them or mention them back either from their posts or you can simply start a new chat with somone by going to their user profile.

This was one of the most asked feature from our chat lovers and who love to chat with strangers on our website. We girls and boys love chatting with each other and they like to come back and resume their chats. No more need to get out of our chatrooms and private text or sext chatroom :)

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Find Your Lost Partners

Our users are as important to us as our food. We care for you. You were having an awesome conversation with someone on the internet in our Online chat rooms without registration or free chatrooms but somehow technology caused it to crash and you lost your chat partner?

Well no more need to worry at all. Now you can simply find your chat friends by posting about your conversation and describing your partner here on our TalkWithStranger

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Earn Rewards & Badges

Our free online chatrooms platform recognizes Individual Active Users of Community efforts and hence we have intrdocued special rewards, badges and reputation for our top posting users.

You can simply earn these rewards and badges, if you maintain a very good presence on our platform. By that it means, that you share more quality and valuable posts, create proper user profile, reply to users questions, become an active member of our community. If you create quality content and help others you will surely be a champion and we will reward you. And higher reputation also means users are more likely to respond to you in free text chat or our private chat.

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Make Your Dashing Profile

Now you have your own dedicated profile page as member of our community. You can setup your picture and a cover photo just like you do on your Facebook. TalkWithStranger is more like an online social network for meeting strangers and new friends . You can talk to someone in our free chatroom.

We suggest you to spend sometime in creating a very good looking profile of yourself. Statistics say that, complete and attractive profiles have higher chances of getting replies from other online users. This is your chance to brag about yourself. And start meeting new people and have free conversations by talking to strangers online.

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Free Group Chat Rooms

Welcome to free group chat rooms amazing feature. Now you can chat with more than one person and bring multiple people to your conversation. It is amazing and makes your chat experience go amazing!

To use this group chat rooms feature, simply start a new chat with a person by going to their user profile and then add new people by typing their username. It is as simple as that! Happy Chatting!

We hope that our free online group chat rooms will be provide an amazing online chatting experience for all people who love to talk to strangers.

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Search People to Chat Online

Our All in Search feature allows you to search our entire social community for whatever you want to search for. You can search topics, categories, users, tags, groups, members etc.

Our aim is to make your chat experience as easy and as amazing as it can be :) You can also use our tags feature to find and meet new people online with similar topics and interests.

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Ask Questions/Answers

Do you ever feel shy about asking weird or crazy questions from your friends? Well, worry no more, our chat rooms community has a special dedicated category where you can post afraid2ask questions and get answers & replies within minutes from 1000s of online users instantly.

You are free to ask any type of questions from strangers, give your opinions and share the knowledsge with the world for free. We hope that TalkWithStranger can provide you the best answer to your question.

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