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“Every person is a new door to a different world.”

Someone famous in Six Degrees of Separation

  • @hales17
    People will do whatever they know to do if it will get a rise out of you regardless of how it makes you feel. Only the ones that you allow the power to get to you can do this.
    For instance your and I don't really know one another so if I said that you were fake then it shouldn't matter to you whatsoever. But if it does then that would be something that you need to change. I should not be able to bother you as we just don't know each other.
    Only the ones that you love and care about can truly hurt you like that

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  • @justchatamy

    Love and hate are the fate
    You get the "thing" you have made
    Cherish all you think it is bad
    Embrace everything even it is dead
    Go following whatever you create
    Find your treasure when you get
    So go finding something great

    You can recall all memories
    You can forget all of pains
    You can walk with someone else
    Be with them as we know as friends
    But one thing will always be
    No matter what you have to see
    That life is such a glee
    So set yourself to be free
    Let yourself to have a happy
    That is enough with cloudy

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  • @hales17 same like me. Im senior in high school. Im from Indonesia.

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  • @spaceboy
    First of all, DAMN BOY 😂 WHAT A MAGNIFICO! I love it.

    Looks carefully and you will notice that it is Confucius and Lao Tzu, who have a philosophical debate.

    Tell me more, how can Lao Tzu the humanist get a debate with Confucious?

    It said: "Madness is a form of freedom. I am providence..."

    This is my favorite quote 😏

    We humans, still think, that we are masters of our life.. But how we can be sure, as if we even don’t know what is hiding in the darkest corners of the world..

    Hooman think that everything have been great because of them. Hooman think that they create power for universe. Meanwhile, the truth is we knew, hooman did something worst for e world rather than do something like a good thing.

    Your words are beautiful. Good job meh friend 😏

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  • @hales17 'cause I know you'll be on discord.ekekeke

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  • @liliputian1 You call me your then why vote that you don't care.

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  • C

    @KaleyZal hmu

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