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  • So How are u doing Nice strangers ?
    yeah its not about age ... watching animes would not equals to Be a kiddo.
    cuz there`s something special in animes that u can never find it out in holly or bolly wood movies or series.
    'The Types of animes ur watching, refers to ur level of thinking and mentions many of ur behaving points.'
    So Just let us know which anime or Manga series are ur fav type?
    pls explain ur feelings And experiences Along with.

  • Does anyone like crafting?

  • girls who wears glasses, understands japanese and english. i dont care if she is an otaku because i am too xD dont be afraid or weird out just stop scrolling and message me if you are the one . . . watashi wa anata wo zutto matteimasu..

  • @kaneki-kun YEh buddy
    so what happened finally "kaneki kun"? did u pick up that girl or what? she is nice , yeah abit tough but nice XD
    nice temper u got, tg and aot are both speaking about an ended up world and suddenly the one who is the weaker will rise up and find out that his a kinda half-creature ... the bad and the good both together to help the humanity. of course theres buncha diffs in their line ups,their Skillfully mixture of many awesome genres, like piece of life and survival and humanity and romantic and shonen ... but still love them both.
    happy we have u here.

  • You know what genre they more of? Horror. Horror as in like Another, Corpse Party, etc. Something that send chills to the spine or whatever lol.

  • @aurora stray dogs😨 the first epz was enough to get me stick to it. It's soo awesome😃😃

  • @sologeek true tallk. The type of anime you watch tells alot about you😊. Personally, I'm more of the Tokyo Ghoul, Hellsing, bleach n these dark fantasy n mystery animes😂😄😄😄. I mean the ones that'll get you think deep or try to anticipate what's the nxt move n stuffs😌

  • I started watching anime 10 years ago,when I was 12...I loved watching slam dunk alot..lol. #HanamichiSakuragi

  • Meeeh. I don't really have a "favorite type" of anime, but I watch majority of each seasons' releases. As long it catches my attention, I'll watch it lol.

  • Attack on titans
    Naruto (for variety in jutsus)
    Bleach (for variety in ban kai)
    Full Metal Alchemist (interesting story and presentation)

  • @damianlane yeah indeed its the same way for me, cant find animes in the calibre of ones u already mentioned.
    it takes along time for making animes that range. btw im trying new animes and read all the comments about them so that i can make an exact decision for the best one.
    also thats the reason i started a centralized topic for it to help the others as well.

  • @kens0me 。゚゚(」。≧□≦)」waifu waifu where r u?!

  • @damianlane I've read the original manga, that shit was dark for my little brain back then, and I don't have a waifu (・ε・` )

  • @kens0me yeeee but i was a lill kid with wet dreams back then now i got big dreams, nawwwwww meaaan??? xD I'm looking for waifu ._.

    I watched Berserk recently, i think early late last year but the sequel of it tho, the new one.

  • @damianlane I think initial D or berserk was the first one I've ever watched

  • @damianlane oh I see XD, it's more than just boobies lmao

  • @kens0me haha that was one of my 1st anime when i started involving myself to this world, I was 13 i think hahahaha and urm i was curious and perverted at that time xD

  • @damianlane elfin lied?, I really liked that one, but I'm sure you've already watched it

  • @solo I've been struggling a lot at finding the perfect anime for my taste. I'm really into action/drama/rom animes with a really strong MC presence, but with a weaker beginning. Some examples are attack on titan, tokyo ghoul, Owari no Seraph.

    I'm looking for similar animes but can't seem to find them, and if i do i'm pretty sure i've watched them. Do you have like the same problem? also if theres any similar anime recommendation might help too

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