Starting A Photography Thread 🤷🏽‍♀️

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    I used to see a lot of drawing posts, and I noticed they are starting to disappear. I personally love seeing artwork. So, I would post a drawing to hopefully start the trend back. Thing is tho, I can’t draw to save my fucking life. So here’s some of my amateur photography instead ☺️. Feel free to show me any cool pics you got :)))

  • Got no gifs for this...

    It's pure


    (nuff' said)

    I've wanted to get into photography for a while, I'll probably take a course on it sometime.

  • @willoww these were all taken with my phone so don’t be too harsh lol
    !0_151456_1514543861663_11413900-49BD-47D2-8B1B-CAED99E068F9.jpeg 5_1514543861662_8B33F8FF-5829-4342-8007-90B778ED27EA.jpeg 4_1514543861662_71FDB842-2B05-41A3-A89E-8BAA4737D949.jpeg 3_1514543861662_54D82F78-3FE5-42DE-86E9-BFF34886E177.jpeg 2_1514543861662_DA62616E-EE0F-4271-A99A-326350459E77.jpeg 1_1514543861662_FA11F33B-B32D-46FD-B6E6-06563E2B0889.jpeg

  • @willoww a few more lol3_1514545901402_F69DA41F-6B3A-4CE7-8597-D0CA65A4FDA2.jpeg 2_1514545901402_2F9F3074-C31A-477E-8553-2E08D1C53CB6.jpeg 1_1514545901400_E3E480C9-F940-416D-BC75-BB3BEFF9333D.jpeg 0_1514545901399_84B8A27A-D133-40B4-8342-9B5F5E4E4264.jpeg

  • ughhh these are so good im jealous >_< i wish i could take photos like thisss :)

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