Of course God is real.This earth and everythings in space are so big.So we cant say everything become randomly.So there is a God.İt is easy to explain :)

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    I'm gonna take your thought and run with it... if it is true and he made it all... what is the rest of the universe for?

  • No. In short, "God" probably isn't real. Yes, the space is really big, but it was not created randomly. The thought that there must be a beginning is simply not true, and it mostly comes to our thought because we are mortal.We can not comprehend that something isn't made/born and doesn't die. There is a lot of information how universe
    as we know it was made. The only thing we don't know is how those first particles were created, that is, if they were created at all.Maybe they simply just existed. Saying "God" created them just takes us one step further. Who created "God" then?
    Anyway, I hope what i wrote here was easy to understand. If you have any questions about this, I will be glad to answer them, if that is in my field of knowledge.

  • These bible thumpers are amazing. Lol, always relying on a man in the sky for answers that are never given... it amazes me to see how manipulative relgion can be. Truly fucking amazing, lol.😂

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