Which r the memorable movie dialogs u mostly like or remember?

  • Hey guys, im 100% sure u have some memorable movie dialogs stuck in mind
    cuz I believe they r so training and awesome :p

    And just don't forget not to send spams here like (hey that's awesome one bla bla)
    Show ur positive phase with someones quote by just Upvoting them.


  • "Uncle Jack: Ever been on a plane and find yourself looking at the armrest next to you,
    looking at the little plug where the ashtray used to go?
    I look at that and i say, "What the hell happened to this country?"
    Main Crew: Nanny state. i see a kid with a bicycle helmet on, i wanna smack the shit out of him, like, for his own good."
    [Breaking Bad]

  • "Im Number one on Your Speed Dialer, right after your weed dealer"
    [Saul Goodman, Breaking bad]

  • @solo alt text

  • @aurora yeah thats from a game ... a war game which is completely in another stage.
    the closest compliment for it would be :
    "An exciting war movie that you play in parts of it." -solo
    as u told its awesome indeed.

  • @solo is that really from a video game 0-o ??! seems i have to play that one.
    i heard once its awesome.

  • " Words can kill. I was invaded by words, burrowing and breeding inside me. A philosopher once said, "It is no nation we inhabit, but a language." "Make no mistake, our native tongue is our true fatherland." My fatherland - my truth was stolen from me. And so was my past. All that's left is the future. And mine is revenge. On those who'd leech off the words of their fellow man. This is what I learned from the major. And then it hit me. It was he who should feel my wrath. He and the code he chose as basis for control. Language codes, information codes - beamed all around us - genetic codes spanning history. By controlling the codes, Cipher... Zero intends to unify the world"
    [Metal Gear solid v : the phantom pain]

  • "Lloyd Christmas: Wow. Think about it. If I hadn't sold that crotch rocket to Pee Stain, you wouldn't have a bastard child who's gonna save your life.
    Harry Dunne: God's got a pretty warped sense of humor, huh?
    Lloyd Christmas: Yeah. I bet he smokes weed. Otherwise, why he put our testicles outside our bodies, where someone can do this?
    [hits Harry in his crotch]"
    [Dumb And Dumber To]

  • "People fears of what they can't understand"
    (Devils Advocate)

  • "How ur gonna hack that Bluetooth keyboard elliot? Via Bluetooth waves!"

  • Run Forrest , Run!

  • 'dont hate your enemies, it clouds your judgement '- Michael corleone, Godfather

  • "Hell is not the place you got after die. Its what you turn into when you just losed all the lovely things in your life."
    [Into The BadLands]

  • "Pain or suffering dont end the world. The world ends when you are dead, until that time you got more punishment in the store for you. Stand it like a man, and give some back."---------------(Deadwood, not movie exactly its series)

  • Live or die, make your choice. -- Saw

  • @solo I love Animatrix, its really really awesome :)))

  • When you dream reality, actually there is some fiction in your truth, and some truth in your fiction.

  • Shot the Shit, you Moron

  • “I’m only supposed to be your prophet. You’re supposed to be my God.”
    Mr Robot !

  • @dr.strange I like your username

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