Who would like to become a moderator to control TalkwithStranger ?

  • We are looking for few moderators for our community.

    The goal of moderators will be:

    • prevent spam posts

    • ban bad users

    • flag bad users

    • get extra access to talk with stranger hidden features and have more control on community
    • encourage users to post valuable content and turn TWS into a useful content sharing platform

    If you guys would like to suggest us any candidates who will be good for being moderators. Please comment below and mention their profile. If you posting about yourself please mention your country as well

    The user with most up votes will win. Mention users who you think are most active on the community.

    PS. We noticed people down voting other people just out of fun. But don't worry we'll only consider the upvotes. You can see the up-votes by clicking the number next to the voting buttons.

    PS2: You can still help the community even if you are not mod, just flag bad/adult topics, posts and users and our mods will take take care of them.

    PS3 Due to so many mods requests, we will prefer users who have atleast 1K reputation or more. http://chatrooms.talkwithstranger.com/topic/11873/how-to-make-topics-worth-reading-and-sharing-on-tws
    (There might be exceptions for some but you will have to prove yourself)

  • This post is deleted!

  • I'd like to be a mod, i'm not the most active in posts, i'm more of a public chat guy and i am very active in there, my time zone is uct +1. I would mainly keep public chat sane, and delete the bad posts when i see them

  • Music Lovers

    Sounds fun. Do I get free bananas? I can be serious... if that's what you're looking for. I can allocate to your standards and provide excellent skills to prevent spam and inappropriate pictures that are shared. If anything, I don't if I'm the right candidate, I think I could help out quite a bit. If I'm not what you're looking for, that's fine. But after what I've seen today, I think some moderators need to be more active and take control. I'm fairly active and can take things into my own hands, of course to your limits and with help of the many other great moderators of this site. I'd just love to have more reputation on here, I really like conversing with people, but that gets interrupted by some people that go on this site. Thank you for taking your time to reading this.

    Germany (UTC/GMT +2 hours)

    Sincerely, Bananaman99

  • Music Lovers

    Dearest Talkwithstranger and users ,
    I would really like to be a moderator . I agree to all the rules and regulations and I'll follow them . Now also ,whenever I find any abusive user , I flag him/her then and there . I have a good relationship with the users and mods . My exams are over so I'd be able to spend more and more time on talkwithstranger and help the users here . Also I am one of the oldest members here and my reputation is also pretty good . I really want to be a moderator . Plzzzzzzzzz vote for me . I promise to be a great mod .

    Yours truly ,

  • I actually think i could make a good moderator. :3 I'm on almost all day everyday and there's LOTS of spam and bad users sometimes and I'd like to help with that.

  • Hello, i would like to become moderator, ive been moderator for numerous anime streaming chats, and being friends with other moderators has given me insight on the responsibility of a moderator. I am extremely active and have alot of good friends on here. Please consider me. Thanks - kenny Canada

  • i think you should vote for me because im responsible funny. kind, happy person. im helful with posting and i get along with ppl

  • This post is deleted!

  • I would like to be a mod please vote

  • @sky

    when becoming a mod your only friend should be site rules: no favoritism/abuse.


  • @jamjam i don't think sky is kek. Look at his profile and previous posts. I think you guys are being unreasonably suspicious

  • @kens0me can you prove that the profile picture of @sky that he changed was of kek irl

  • This post is deleted!

  • I think that @sarah should deserve moderator because shes one of the top posters with a high reputation. that means that shes probably friendly, responsible, and helpful. please vote sarah

  • I would enjoy being a moderator here.

  • @sarah I'd guess my reputation is so low because i spend most of my time in public chat. I plan to get rid of all the spam when I am here and stop arguments. The public chat has quite a bit of problems with that whenever I login. I actually care for a few people here and some have been hurt by the situations. So, i'd like to become a mod to prevent that.

  • I would love to, I'll be responsible for whatever mistakes i make and I'll be on duty a lot since i use this site everyday. I think I'd make a pretty good moderator

    Time zone : UTC+01:00

  • Hello TWS

    A moderator is a character most people might not be able to fully get themselves into, which means that most people might have the upper-hand in conversations, debates, or even verbal fights just because they're mods.
    Once you become moderator you must be fully aware that you have control, not to start any problems, be always compassionate with other people.
    Even though you might not be the most emotional moderator, I, myself, have one of the most outstanding mental capabilities at my age.
    I would prefer to be mod because I know that I will use this site to its full potential bringing as many people as i know.
    I have a spirited mind and rather not judge people by their ethnicity, age, culture, race, but their intelligence per say.

    I also prefer not to refer myself as anything but as people see me, meaning that I don't like labeling myself but as a person.

    On the moderator topic:
    I will always be active; day and night
    Will not abuse any moderator priviledge: there should be proof of all accusations before taking action.
    Will post interesting topics to keep discussion and public chat interesting.
    And last but not least is the ability to finally feel important as a human being.

    My time zone is (+1) Italy

    Yours truly,

  • @ron it's probably KEK who banned you. He kept abusing his powers until he got unmoded

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