looking for women 20-30 (Race Opened) looking for Relationships (928-707-6404)

  • I've Been On Different Sites Trying To Find Just One Woman... (Just One) To Be My Best Friend.. To Be My Girl Friend And More. But Seems Like, I cant Find It..

    I Don't know if this is a good site to post this but. I Am ... 26 year old CEO of my own Company N.D.U. i make my own clothes .. and i design them to be one of the best pieces of art on earth. ive sold more items then i can remember.. but thats just the start of it... i also am i DJ. ive started a few months ago. just was in the mood to start something new. so once ive tried it. its been like an hobbie for me ever since, like some music, Hip hop, RnB, Jazz, Yes i Scratch Jazz.. Trap, And More. ive done that once ever two days and ever day i get better.. but not just in my ears in ears of my family and friends i've been told ive should be on the road. i've been told things like iam gonna be the next Jazzy Jeff, If You Know who that is,.. but i am not letting nothing go to my head. but I am gonna try to Always, do my best to do by best. i am a Black guy, who was raised in the Cities Of St. Paul, And Minneapolis, Minnesota With my Mom, And A few Brothers And Sisters, To Move With My God Mother In Still Water. But That's An Long Story.. I Enjoy Action Movies. Comedy Movies, Mostly Horror Movies, And i Told My Family. My Next Thing Is Gonna Be Making My Own Movies, About/in Minnesota. But That's gonna Be Years Out Thru.

    I Have No Kids,

    I Have No Girlfriends..

    I Have A Job

    I Am Going To School For My Designing..

    I Have A Car,

    If You Wanna now More Text 9287076404

  • @a-trust-issue just get off the Internet and search IRL

  • @a-trust-issue Tell me more about your business

  • i just design clothes with a different mind then others. with art and style. i have a different mind to bring out different colors and layers. most people don't understand. but all i can say is i try to make different outfits for different people for different moods... (Its Alright If You Don't Understand)

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